The initial news of your illness that fateful Sunday struck me, yet I harbored no thought it would be our final farewell. From that moment, efforts to secure the best medical care for you were relentless. Despite your admission to Warri Central Hospital on Monday showing no immediate cause for alarm, your subsequent transfer to Specialist Hospital Iruua, Edo State, filled me with dread. Still, I clung to hope, a hope shattered by a call from your son, Vetah Dafe at 3:26 am, plunging me into a reality I wished was merely a nightmare.

Your departure to the beyond on that somber Friday, December 8th, 2023, has left an indelible mark of sorrow. The news of your passing was a heavy blow, given the profound impact you had on me and many others.

In you, I found an unwavering source of guidance and support, never once failing me. My mother’s lineage boasted three brothers, and as each of you has transitioned to the next realm, I never anticipated your departure would be so abrupt. I envisioned a future where, following the natural course of life, you would stand by me, offering solace and strength. I believed in my heart that with you, I could soar. Yet, Uncle Fred, you left without warning, leaving me to navigate the skies with a solitary wing.

Your absence is a void not easily filled, for you were a beacon to me and countless others. Our conversation on August 24, 2023, from Asaba to wish you a happy birthday at Agbarho, Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State,ended with plans for a grand celebration in Urhuoka-Abraka on August 24th, 2024. Instead, today, February 24th, 2024, we lay you to rest in your homeland, a reality as painful as it is premature.

As a champion of peace, you played a pivotal role in uniting our family, making it a formidable presence. Your Rastafarian beliefs, emphasizing unity, love, and peace, deeply influenced me, instilling a profound appreciation for Reggae Music.

Your response to my concern on October 3rd, 2023, echoes in my memory, a testament to your enduring spirit. This was your message to me October 3rd, 2023:

“Den, Am very good as at today. Anyhow, I was really down sicked to Earth. I nearly die. Jah did a great thing. Rastaman never die..”

Uncle Fred, though your life flickered like a candle in the tempest, it was a beacon of fulfillment. You embodied the essence of a humble lion, proving that Rastas live eternally in spirit.

As I navigate life’s journey with a solitary wing, I choose not to mourn but to celebrate the legacy you have left behind. I pray to Jah Rastafari for your eternal peace. Farewell, my Great Uncle, may you slumber in the serene embrace of Zion like a Lion


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