Elder Kpoko Honored With Unprecedented Platinum Birthday Celebration In Aladja Amidst Funfare.

By Henry Ubus

Today Sunday 26/05/24, The community of Aladja in Udu Local Government Area of Delta State witnessed an extraordinary celebration as Elder John Akpomuode Kpoko marked his platinum birthday. The occasion was commemorated in a manner that highlighted the profound respect and admiration held for Elder Kpoko, a retired headmaster known for his discipline, humility, and vast knowledge.

Elder Kpoko, who hails maternally from Ekiagbon and paternally from Iyeghe both of Aladja Community is the Oghuvwie of Iyeghe Quarters, Aladja. His dedication to education and his role as a community leader have left an indelible mark on many lives. Known for his disciplined approach, Elder Kpoko has been a confidant and mentor to many, earning him the nickname “the encyclopedia of knowledge.”

The celebration took place at Iyeghe Quarters, where a large and diverse gathering of family members, friends, former colleagues, and well-wishers from far and near converged to honor Elder Kpoko’s legacy. The event was a colorful and joyous affair, reflecting the high esteem in which he is held.

The day was filled with heartfelt speeches and tributes that highlighted Elder Kpoko’s life achievements. His children spoke eloquently about the values he instilled in them, emphasizing his unwavering support and guidance. They shared personal anecdotes, recalling his disciplinary yet caring nature, which shaped their lives and careers.

Friends and former colleagues recounted Elder Kpoko’s impactful career as a headmaster. They praised his commitment to education and his unique ability to balance discipline with empathy. Many noted that his influence extended beyond the classroom, as he played a pivotal role in the broader community, always willing to lend an ear or offer sage advice.

The celebration also featured cultural performances, showcasing the rich heritage of the Aladja community. Traditional dances and music added vibrancy to the event, while attendees donned traditional attire, further emphasizing the cultural significance of the occasion. A lavish feast was prepared, with local delicacies that highlighted the culinary traditions of the area.

One of the highlights of the event was the unveiling of a commemorative plaque in Elder Kpoko’s honor. This gesture symbolized the community’s appreciation for his contributions and ensured that his legacy would be remembered for generations to come.

Elder John Akpomuode Kpoko’s platinum birthday celebration was not just a commemoration of his age but a testament to his enduring influence and the deep love and admiration he has garnered over the years. The event underscored the respect and gratitude that the community feels for a man who has dedicated his life to the betterment of others.

As the celebration drew to a close, it was clear that Elder Kpoko’s legacy would continue to inspire and guide future generations. His life and work stand as a beacon of wisdom, humility, and service, embodying the values that he has so passionately upheld throughout his life.

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