Ukodhiko’s Politics Of Bridge-Building And Inclusivity At Tuomo

By Ajiroghene Oreh

THE recent engagements of the member representing Isoko North and South Federal Constituency, Hon Jonathan Ajirioghene Ukodhiko underscored his commitment to the growth, development, cohesion, and friendly relations of Isoko and other ethnic nationalities of Delta State.

At the core of Ukodhiko’s politics is his preference for bridge-building and inclusion as these came to the fore last Saturday at Burutu Local Government Area, when he chaired the 5th Coronation Anniversary of the Pere of Tuomo Kingdom, His Royal Majesty, Justice Dr Francis Fedode Tabai, CON, a retired judge of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

Again, at Tuomo, compassionate and sensible political leader, Ukodhiko’s qualities as a Pan-Deltan was evidently at play. To him, the need to join hands with Governor Sheriff Oborevwori to build a new Delta State based on improved friendly relationships among the people of different tribes and tongues, creeds, and religions is imperative.

Thus, his chairing of Tabai ‘s coronation anniversary has been described as a way of fostering State unity and a friendly inter-tribe relation in Delta State made up of several languages and ethnic nations whose territories are obviously marked by the origin and dominance of the linguistic groups. The nations and language groups are the Ijaw, Isoko, Urhobo, Ika, Ukwuani and the Itsekiri.

In view of the uniquely diversity of cultures and traditions of the heterogeneous Delta State, for Ukodhiko, it is imperative to develop and sustain the spirit of tolerance and respect for others as we must see ourselves as brothers. To him, it should be offense for anyone to promote ethnic hatred, division, hostilities, and discrimination.

Yes, the spirit of unity in diversity is what Hon. Jonathan Ukodhiko continues to represent, preaches, and passionately promotes in Isoko and Delta State in line with the MORE Agenda of Governor Sheriff Oborevwori. This is so because, all indigenous ethnic groups have a history of common or similar ancestry.

Hon. Jonathan Ukodhiko’s commitment to bridge-building, it is reasoned would enhance peace and foster lasting friendly relations between the Isoko people and their brothers of other ethnic nations in Delta State and Nigeria at large .

At the homeland, Ukodhiko promotes the concept of “Okugbe Isoko” which reflects his desire of fostering fellow feeling, brotherliness and unity among the Isoko people. For he doesn’t give in to unnecessary sentiments as he represents all Isoko sons and daughters of North and South at the Nigeria’s House of Representatives.

What Hon. Ukodhiko continues to do is to build bridges across to the immediate neighbours of Isoko for socioeconomic advancement and political development, and his avowed commitment and open-mindedness have endeared him to all and sundry in the State including traditional rulers he has tremendous regards and respects for.

No doubts, Hon Jonathan Ukodhiko has made great friends in all tribes of different ethnic nations through his friendliness, benevolence, respect and advocacy of good neighborliness in the State. What Hon Ukodhiko is after are simply mutual coexistence and respect of all tribes for collective good of the people.

*Evangelist Oreh is the Special Assistant on Media to Rep Ukodhiko

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