The Onyeme’s Factor In Ndokwa And Delta State Affairs

By Wilson Osemele Jnr 

If there is any political figure across Ndokwa Nation who has made remarkable and applaudable inputs in adding values to the lives of the People across all the Wards in Ndokwa Nation , it is Sir Monday John Onyeme. His names has not left the mouth of Political Commentators when it comes to leadership and Impactful Service to the People.

”Robin Sharma says Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work.  Onyeme possesses this rare qualities and has over time demonstrated laudable, Impressive leadership qualities and  has Inspired Deltans in several ways.

Onyeme’s factor in Ndokwa Nation and Delta State in general will not only be Impactful but his wealth of experience in Accounting and economy will be put to play to quickly achieve the M.O.R.E Agenda, geared towards advancing all sectors of the state economy.

His present contributions to the growth of Ndokwa Nation and Delta State is an evidence of what Ndokwa Nation and Deltans stands to benefits with Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori/Onyeme ticket.

This is a man who moved down to Primary and Secondary Schools in the remote villages of Ndokwa west, Ndokwa East and Ukwuani Local Government Areas to support the educational pursuits of Pupils/Students.  this is a man who stood firm supporting the People financially  in their various businesses when others distance themselves, this is a man who built and furnished library, this is a man who brought hope to Ndokwa Nation, a man who had provided jobs to numerous Ndokwa Sons and daughters.  No doubts,  he will do more for the people of Ndokwa Nation but will also be a strong pillar to Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori to delive the M.O.R.E Agenda to Deltans.

Despites his successes in different aspects of life, Onyeme remains humble and have great respect for People irrespective of your class , your age or religious beliefs. He remains Ndokwa finest, whose Presence at all times Symbolises Peace, Unity, Oneness and development. No doubt, Onyeme’s factor will Strengthen Peaceful Coexistence and will bring Ndokwa Nation to the Spotlight of economic and Infrastructural development which will also be reflected in all areas in Delta state.

Even his naysayers admit that he is a life-changer whose positive impacts can be traced in all nooks and crannies of Ndokwa Nation,  no doubts, this loving features of Impactful service embedded in him will hits the doorsteps of all Deltans.

Onyeme has become a toast not only in Ndokwa Nation but Delta State at large, he has made impacts and has exhibited Impressive Character which has made him thick. Yes, he will make Deltans proud and his factor as a Deputy Governor of Delta State will boost economic development. 

Yes he has performed exceedingly well in transforming the lives of the People, his daily assistance rendered,  his human capital development via Youths, Women and Men  Empowerment, his Annual Scholarship Programme, his educational supports to Pupils, Students and Undergraduates has better the lives of the People. 

He remains a man who believes that if he his happy everyone around him deserves to be happy, hence, Onyeme at all times submits himself to solve any Problems humanly Possible to ensure that everyone around him are happy.

Onyeme’s nomination as Delta PDP Deputy Governorship Candidate send fear to other Political Parties Governorship Candidates in the state, leading to their choice of picking their running mate from Ndokwa Nation,  they knew Onyeme has been the most significant playmaker in Ndokwa Politics in the last 7yrs.


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