Aladja Group Condemns attack by Ogbe-Ijoh, sues for peace

By Okorohohi Michael Warri

Prominent indigenes of Aladja Community in Udu Local Government Area of Delta State have condemned the early Friday morning attack on the community by the neighbouring Ogbe-Ijoh people, calling on the Delta State government to intervene without delay so as to stem the tide of violence that has been unleashed on the Aladja people.

Addressing newsmen at the Aladja Community square on Friday, National Chairman of Aladja Progress Initiative, Comrade Oghenetega Ejukonemu disclosed that the unprovoked attack on Aladja on was resentful and an invitation to erosion of the peace enjoyed so far between the two communities.

“Very early this morning, Ogbe-Ijoh attack Aladja and set their own, Ogbe-Ijoh police station on fire so as to draw the ire of the security forces against Aladja. They earlier gave a 7 day ultimatum to Aladja over the demarcation work on the boundary between both communities, warning that they were not going to accept Government position on the matter.

“We had maintained our peace hoping that Government would do the needful. But this morning unprovoked attack was one attack too many. Now our wives and children have running in palpable panic and fear as many have evacuated the town because of the terror unleashed on the community. We have been told Ogbe-Ijoh police station was also attack by them to paint Aladja as the aggressors. We have no business attacking Ogbe-Ijoh. They are our tenants and this fact has been proven beyond reasonable doubts. We therefore call on the Delta State Government to step into the Matter and call the Ogbe-Ijoh warrior to order”, Ejukonemu stated.

He also called on Aladja people to wait on government to restore peace to the tensed situation, assuring that there shall be no reason to go to war with Ogbe-Ijoh people over the matter.

He further maintained that the issue of boundary between Aladja and Ogbe-Ijoh was being addressed by the state government and that the mistake of accommodating Ogbe-Ijoh on Aladja soil which has constituted grave danger to Aladja people over the years was what Aladja may have to live with because Government has decided to settle Ogbe-Ijoh people on that portion of land. He however added that Aladja generosity must not be abused beyond reasonable limit and that Ogbe-Ijoh does not own the monopoly of violence even though Aladja will not go to war with their tenants.

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