The Man, The Cap Fits

By Sienakeruo Onoriode Dennis

Hon, Chief Jite Brown is a miracle whose sunshine beams brightly across the political circle of Udu Local Government Area and Delta State.

If you’re looking for a candidate with rich pedigree, a leader with maximum capacity and doggedness, an administrator with elevated worldview and intellectual wisdom, then beam your searchlight in the direction of Hon, Chief Jite Brown

Among the pantheon of candidates who would be jostling for the House of Assembly seat in Udu local Government area come 2023, Chief Jite Brown stands out in gold-plated armour.

Jite represent integrity, capacity peace and unity in 2023. Politically, he is a grassroots builder with both state and national contact. The Aberen of Udu Kingdom is an asset in politics, and once somebody has that quality his rise in politics is natural and seamless.

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