PAD UP A GIRL CHILD ~~ Hon.Ashubu Ogbevire

All over the world. Investing in the education and training of the girl child brings high profile returns in terms of breaking cycles of poverty and aiding economic growth which also includes the improvement of children and women survival rates and health, empowers women both in the home and the workplace, and help build a united and healthy family lives in our communities and society at large.

Here are just a few ways in which padding the girl child can unlock the potential of millions of girls and bring about positive impacts in our various homes, communities and society at large.

1) preventing early pregnancy -:- Stastitics showed that 15 million girls a year are married before they are eighteen which can be avoided and corrected through adequate padding of the girl child education.

2) Building more stable communities -:- Educating and padding of the girl child brings about self confidence and resilience in our female children thereby making them more useful and viable in our various homes and communities.

3) Strengthens economies and advances the fight to end poverty -:- Padding the female child through adequate education and training helps to strengthen our economy and improved the fight against poverty in our society because the female children will be better informed about their economy and the possible ways of ensuring that their is need for planning which will inturn put an end to poverty and social security.

4) Better health and long lives -:- Padding of the female child with adequate education and training has a wider ranging and transformative health benefits, which can be passed on through generations.

Due to the above, the padding up of a girl child is a very vital aspect of our lives and society which all citizens, Government and non Governmental organizations and private individuals should take seriously to make our homes, communities and society at large have peace and live a healthy life.

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