NDDC Board Screening, Confirmation: The responsibility and Honour of Senate to do the Common Good

By Gabriel Choba

The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria having placed the responsibility and honour on the Nigerian Senate to screen and confirm presidential nominees for appointive positions to execute the task assigned by the constitution and the president for the common good of the country.

It is hereby an ethical and just responsibility for the senate to be diligent, apolitical, unbiased and consciously minded that Nigeria is considering the nomination and capacity to perform the task.

On the path of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) the task of developing the Niger Delta region is a formidable structure that have weighted too many deeply divided interest. The abundance coming from the region has not appropriately reflected the desired development of the area that produces the nation’s capital. The Senate is called upon in defense of social and gender justice to stand for what is right for the good of the region and Nigeria.

Various interests and claimant to the position of the Chairman of the Board of NDDC has shown prejudice against the nomination of Lauretta Onochie. The recent is the Itsekiri claims of the Delta slot. The Itsekiri claim is tenaciously provocative to the extend that it is bringing ethnicity and vicious concern to a matter that has gone beyond politicking.

The Itsekiri has a history of bringing down the house for others. It is not just an NDDC affairs, Rita Lori and her colleagues in this trajectory are not making case for capacity to deliver within the short time frame the body is disposed to function. An eleventh honour appointment need no distraction and waste of time. Let the track record and opportunity to deliver in the interest of all the region be the concern of a national assignment.

The Senate is an institution that navigate the conscience of the nation. Doing justice to the president concern is a matter of duty and loyalty to the nation. Having seen the commitment of Lauretta Onochie, President Muhammadu Buhari is convinced that the Niger Delta region needs urgent attention. If we want the President to deliver on his promises to the nation and the region, it is morally right to give the President’s nomination all the necessary and sufficient support to succeed.

The task before the Niger Delta region is a burden on the President’s shoulder and he alone knows the instrument to which the delivery will be sustained. Let no man or group trouble the settled water that is intended for peaceful drink to quench the taste of the Niger Delta people. When the elites are gathering to scramble the interest of the region, the signs are there to foretell that danger lies ahead.

For the Nigeria Senate, the best is already before the table to consider. The President has weighted the options and it is in interest of the nation that we respect the critical path analysis that was considered to reach this point. Let there be peace for the region to develop. The trouble with the discerning voices is that it has no objective purpose. Just to enter the disruptive clog that holds the region back. No other path of the country has shown cause to stop Lauretta Onochie’s nomination and thereafter appointment to develop the Niger Delta region.

From within the region lies the vested interest that is holding it back for progress. The Senate has an opportunity in this case to show maturity, courage and determination to act swiftly in the best interest of a region that has exhibited peaceful disposition for the president to keep his promise to the people of the Niger Delta and Nigerians.

God bless the Senate for acting in the best interest of the good people of Nigeria and the Niger Delta Region to push a cause for justice for the NDDC Board that is unduly delayed.

We therefore employ the Senate to confirm the NDDC Board: Lauretta Onochie means social and gender justice that is needed to develop the Niger Delta region.

Gabriel Choba, Journalist, Writes from Warri, Delta State. (chobagabriel@gmail.com)

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