I seldom eulogise politicians because of their nonchallancy towards the pain of the common man and messy state of our society in all facets. The Nigerian society is a picture of a few who are rich-some very rich indeed from our collective wealth-and the many who are poor suffering from agonising deprivation, hunger and starvation.

In essence, the structure of power and the attitudes of the political class to the plight of the people have made me question the possibility of having a progressive, people-oriented and purpose-driven leadership, devoid of narrow and selfish interests. This sickening awareness has made me develop nauseating feeling towards the political class. But in recent times, all of that has changed because of my careful study of a distinct and pacesetting politician: Hon. Chief (Barr.) John Obukohwo Nani.

Hon. Chief (Barr.) John Obukohwo Nani is a politician with a difference, both in utterances, conduct and deeds. He is an exemplar of right leadership which is a sine qua non for meaningful progress. He uses power in a manner devoid of abuse and misuse. This is manifested in his inventiveness, empathy with the feelings and aspirations of the people, simplicity, purposeful direction of the affairs of those led and visible impact in both human and infrastructural domains, within and outside his immediate constituency.

Truth told, nothing distorts progress and growth more than an enthronement of feckless leaders and blurred visionaries. Unarguably, good and purposeful leadership is synonymous with great and steady growth and development in all spheres. However, good leadership begins with a discovery of the best minds that can trigger togetherness, build bridges, initiate workable ideas, formulate policies and engender strategies to fix existing mess, limitations and challenges impeding growth and development in society. These traits are part and parcel of Nani’s daily focus and lifestyle.

Confessedly, the kinds of Hon. John Obukohwo Nani are rare. If we are thinking of changing the narrative in our leadership, men of his kind should be our example, and unarguably, our choice!

Mr. Akpore Ogheneruemu

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