By Kingsley Ikodudu

As we begin the all important journey towards 2023 general elections, it is important to note that the level of awareness and the willingness to participate in the electoral process has risen tremendously amongst our teeming youths.

Unlike yesteryears when the youth’s participation was on the peripheral level because of lack of interest, it seems to have faded away quickly this time around as the desire to be actively involved has trippled now because of the level of failure of governance the APC led Federal Government has bequeathed to Nigerians.

Consequent upon this awakened awareness and unquenchable desire by the youths to participate in the process of electing their leaders; there have been renewed calls by the youths for competent, vibrant and young leaders to be elected in the 2023 general elections.

Rising from the PDP primary election in Isoko Federal Constituency, a youthful candidate who is just two years above the internationally accepted age cap of 45 years, emerged from the pool of credible and capable aspirants who jostled for the position of the HOR, Isoko Federal Constituency.

The emergence of Engr. Jonathan Ukodhiko as the candidate of the PDP HOR, Isoko Federal Constituency, has further lent credence to the agitations of the Isoko youths to have a youth or someone with a blend of youthfulness to be their next representative at the green Chambers come 2023.

Definitely, Ukodhiko’s youthful blend underscores his capacity and competence to deliver on his manifesto, a fact that has been proven by his success from the private sector. He’s young, vibrant and a resourceful visionary, with a political manifesto that is principally centred on five achievable political action plans.

  1. Initiation and formulation of good bills for enactment by the legislature (with direct benefits to constituents)
  2. Unification of Isoko nation for a common voice in National discourse.
  3. Provision of inclusive leadership where critical stakeholders will be consulted before taking certain decisions.
  4. Initiation of modern empowerment programmes that will make our youths and women self-reliant.
  5. Involvement of more youths in Governance.

From the aforesaid action plans, Ukodhiko’s envisioned kind of representation is one that has been painstakingly modelled to cover some of the immediate political cravings of his constituents, visibly reflecting the place of the Isoko youths.

He is the man on whose shoulders the responsibility of repositioning Isoko Federal Constituency through effective and qualitative representation has been placed, he has exhibited a remarkable level of political modesty and decorum in the cause of pushing his political ambition without necessarily trying to undermine others.

Ukodhiko is a man that is bound by his words, an Isoko patriot who is passionate about the development of Isoko Nation. Judging from his private life antecedents, it is evident that the youths of Isoko Federal Constituency will immensely benefit from Ukodhiko’s representation because of his utmost propriety, hence a vote for Ukodhiko, is a vote for Isoko youths.

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