APC Brought Nigeria Low In Seven Years – Atiku

The standard flagbearer of the Peoples Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar, on Sunday, noted that Nigeria under the ruling All Progressives Congress had seen the worst shade of exclusionist politics.

Atiku, in a newsletter sent to our correspondent on Sunday, noted the need to avoid primordial sentiments in a bid to strengthen national unity.

“In such a time when our country is going through a very difficult time, it is important that we do not allow any kind of primordial sentiments to becloud our politics. Politics is meant to be a corrective mechanism. So, even when we are upset about the inexcusable low that the ruling APC has brought us in the past seven years, we must ensure that we insulate our politics from the corrosive effect of the ruling party’s failures. A society cannot progress if its politics is convoluted.

“Dear friend and compatriot, the journey that we have signed on to undertake together is not one that we can accomplish by threading the inglorious path of exclusionist politics. This journey, our campaign, is a rescue mission for our great country and it is a mission that must involve all Nigerians.

“So, while our opponents might think that there is an easy road to victory in divisive politics, we must get the message across to them that Nigeria has seen the worst shade of exclusionist politics and the road ahead is the path of inclusive and unifying politics. That is what we stand for.

“We are the unifiers and the bridge-builders and we represent the future of a peaceful and prosperous Nigeria. Let me therefore remind you again, dear friend that our talking points at the moment, and as we inch towards the campaign period shall be our policy document”.

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