Ukodhiko: Isoko’s valuable asset for effective representation

By Ajiri-Oghene Oreh

The candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP for Isoko Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Engr. Ukodhiko Jonathan Ajirioghene (UJA) is going into the contest well prepared for the position of member representing Isoko people in the National Assembly.

Trained at the famous University of Benin in Edo State where he acquired a Bachelor of Science degree in Production Engineering and later some professional certifications, Ukodhiko had an eventful career as a field service engineer and later, as a Coordinator at the Oil Field Service Company International Ltd, before calving a niche for himself in the nation’s oil and gas sector with his companies under the parent body of Joeny Holdings.

He delved into full time politics and pitched his tent with the People’s Democratic Party, the PDP where he played many roles that not only saw to the solid foundation and advancement for the party but its string of electoral successes in Isoko Federal Constituency and Delta State at large. As a civil commissioner and member of the Delta Sate Executive Council, he did his utmost best to elevate, advance and protect the Isoko interests.

There was also the uncontested fact he was selfless and public spirited. These and others motivated the people of Isoko to call him to go to the House of Representatives to be their representative in terms of advocacy and the attraction of developmental projects and economic programmes.

So beginning from the race of the party’s ticket at the primary election, Ukodhiko’s emergence was never in doubt. He has a magic manifesting in his charisma, astuteness and amiability, which paid off and he won overwhelmingly.

Ukodhiko is going into the highly esteemed office at Abuja conscious of the collective needs and hopes of the people and, with the intimidating performance record of his predecessor-to-be and former Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, Rt Hon Leo Ogor.

Ukodhiko has always been a man who is well prepared to take up new challenges. As a legislator, he will bring to bear on his legislative duties and responsibilities as the member representing Isoko Federal Constituency a new sense of purpose and urgency.

Ukodhiko is well known as a man who is well endowed with quick thinking ability and with strides that are equally quick and purposeful adjudged by those who know him very well and have worked very closely with him both in the public and private sectors.

What will come to the fore in Ukodhiko‘s engagements as the next member representing Isoko Federal Constituency are his knack for punctuality, responsiveness and effectiveness as he is reputed in working with speed and precision. He is well organized and focused.

Engr Jonathan Ukodhiko strongly believs Isoko can be well developed and advanced, and the people who will be his constituents are economically empowered to live happily as conceptualised in his action plans that are in the public domain.

And the task of achieving the collective aspiration is Ukodhiko’s date with history as the next member representing Isoko Federal Constituency which inheres in his lofty vision in the House of Representatives “to give quality representation and reposition Isoko in mainstream/national politics and ensure that our people enjoy a fair deal in the Nigerian project.“

*Oreh writes from Otibio Ward 13 in Isoko North LGA

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