The Attributes and Person of Chief John Nani.

By Aboyi Lawson

Chief Barr. John Obukohwo Nani is a name that rings a bell in Delta State for his good will and benevolent spirit. He is a native of Idjerhe Kingdom in Urhobo, Delta Central Senatorial District. He is loved by the people because he has brought substantial development to his people.

He is a man known for his reputation and professionalism and has stood the test of time with positive feedback that has enhanced and improved the quality of governance to his people in all spheres of life.

In Idjerhe Kingdom, the old and the young folks know his private residence and he is easily accessible. Accessibility to him is 100%. In other words, he is a “Free to Air man to the Core”, a progressive team player, a seasoned politician, a businessman, and community builder, He is the AGHWEMUTUWEVWI of Idjerhe Kingdom.

Nani is a developmental maestro owing to his sterling achievements as a true democrat. Evidence of his accomplishments can be seen in the harvest of projects which cuts across various communities and towns where several projects have so far been constructed or rehabilitated, ranging from road projects, provision of class room desks, rehabilitation of class rooms as well as human capital development. He is a man of his words. History has it on records that his act of straight forwardness has earned him different positions and awards in the state and in diaspora.

The name “Nani” gives a sigh of relief anytime in the State when the name is been mentioned all because of the human capital development and greater harvest of projects, influenced by the Executive Director of Finance and Administration #DESOPADEC. His track records are indelibly visible for those with positive minds.

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