It is no longer news that Secret Reporters are known for their false alarm tarnishing the Images of Government Appointees just for financial benefits, hence their reports should not be taken seriously by the general public but to be seen as media bandits.

As the Executive Chairman, Delta State Internal Revenue Service Sir Monday John Onyeme has not only keyed into the Stronger Delta Agenda of the Okowa’s led administration by generating more revenue in other for the government to have more resources to shoulder the financial Implications of Projects that will be beneficial to Deltans but has also rebranded, revamped the Revenue Service for quick actualization of the Smart/Stronger Delta Agenda of this administration.

Onyeme has maintained Strict accountability, transparency in all he does and cannot be fingered in any ungodly acts, he has over time displayed exemplary leadership and commitment in generating revenue for the state as well as expanding the tax net.

The allegations Championed by Secret Reporters claiming that abandoned tax buildings littered across the state can be described as a complete lies and a proved that the management of Secret Reporters headed by Fejiro Oliver is blinded with greed and lack knowledge on anything as regards the tax agency.

It’s very laughable for the management of Secret Reporters who claim to have knowledge of happenings couldn’t also have Knowledge of price changes of materials in the Country as a result of Inflation, hence in all parts of the country the budget of 2022 must be higher than that of 2021.

The malicious blackmail by the Secrets Reporters cannot stop any approved projects by His Excellency Sen Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa that will contribute greatly in boosting the Internally generated revenue of the state.

Besides , there is nothing like ongoing construction of office building at Kwale and Akukwu-Igbo, no Project is ongoing as claimed and there is nothing wrong for the service to comeout with a budget just like every other MDAs, the allegations levelled against the Revenue Service Boss is not only untrue but malicious and mischievous.

Monday Onyeme can’t be distracted by unfounded allegations, insinuations, brazen blackmail and the putrid smear campaign championed by Secret Reporters in the expectations of financial rewards.

Onyeme’s commitment towards achieving the mandate of the Revenue Service remains unshakeable and it may Interest all to know that the revenue service boss has not only surpassed the 2021 target as regards to revenue generation but has also blocked revenue leakages as well as exploring other areas that are largely untapped for an enhanced revenue generation.

Take it to the bank, the Executive Chairman, Delta State Internal Revenue Service Sir Monday John Onyeme has generated the highest revenue since the existence of the Delta State Internal Revenue Service. He has showcased unwavering commitment in boosting the Internally generated revenue of the state, his activities and Intentions are clean and deserves to be commended.

We wish to inform the general public to disregard every information from secrets reporters quack Journalism whose Intentions is to drive false allegations against government appointees with the aim to seek financial rewards

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