When the Deputy Senate President Ovie Omo-Agege rolled out plans to make yahoo business more lucrative and number one on his agenda if elected Governor of Delta State in 2023, so many unsuspecting people thought it was a case of a saviour trying to rehabilitate the cybercrime practitioners to save the society of the consequences. Little did they know that he is the patron of yahooism. His speech was just a way to reinforce his trademark as shown in various motions and bills in the last seven years where all valuable projects are located in Orogun.

On several occasions, Omo-Agege has been found scampering for another lie to cover up previous lies just to get votes. These tactics are not new to the people of Delta Central Senatorial who are patiently waiting for the 2023 general elections to come to enable them use their PVCs to kick him and his disciples out completely.

Omo-Agege in his usual clannishness, led the Senate to deceive the Abraka people of the fictitious restoration of Abraka State Constituency in Ethiope East Local Government Area of Delta State from the present Ethiope East Constituency.

Till date, this audio restoration of the proposed constituency never saw the light of the day just because it was not in Orogun and couldn’t be relocated to Orogun. The Omo-Agege we know would have used the instrumentality of court to ensure that INEC complied with the declarations and orders of the Federal High Court and Section 115 of the 1999 Constitution.

As it stands, Abraka State Constituency is a mirage because it is not located in Orogun in Ughelli North Local Government Area. Omo-Agege has failed to push further and allowed the injustice done to the Abraka people in the 1999 constitution when the constituency was arbitrarily collapsed into the present Ethiope East State Constituency during the 1999 general elections to remain so.

To be continued.

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