OHWORODE: A Rare King And Priest

The Ancient Olomu Kingdom has been a centrepiece, cradle and crucible of Urhobo history and heritage.

The ancient Olomu Kingdom which has been in existence before the 15th century derived its royalty from the great Benin Kingdom.

Though, the real progenitor of the Olomu people was Prince Alaka, many persons including some natives associate the ancestry of the Kingdom to Prince Igboze who was actually a brother to Alaka.

History passed down to us says Prince Igboze was a legendary warrior who suffered a boat mishap and lost his new bride while on a voyage to meet his brother.

On the history of kingship of this Kingdom, twelve Ihworode had ascended the ancient throne.

As a Kingdom, it has produced some of the most elegant, rich, wise, God fearing and selfless monarchs in the history of Urhobo land, Delta State and even the old western region.

It is an established fact that his royal Majesty, Osadjere was the first person to build a storey building in the whole of Urhobo nation.

It is also well known that, pre-dependence, while other kings from this southern part of the defunct Western region were riding bicycles to Ibadan for meetings, Ohworode Osadjere rode Chariots.

Long after the passage of Ohworode Osadjere, a rare gem emerged as the Owhorode of the ancient Olomu Kingdom.

He was Ogbon-Ogoni Oghoro the first.

His personality, carriage and lifestyle marked good on the checklist of royalty.

Ogbon-Ogoni Oghoro the first, the twelfth Ohworode of Olomu Kingdom was the only royal Canon in Africa and shared the uncommon honour with the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth as the two royal Canons in the Anglican Communion.

Alarigogo, was the pride of the Anglican Diocese of Ughelli.

At his transition to higher throne at the age of 106 years, Ogbon-Ogoni Oghoro the first was the world acclaimed oldest King.

The Ohworode of Olomu Kingdom was celebrated as the longevity Monarch who enjoyed uncommon good health.

Papa, as he was called even by other kings and eminent personalities, could drive by himself, read without glasses, walk without any aid while he was already above 100 years.

Ogbon-Ogoni Oghoro the first who was the Chairman of Urhobo Traditional Rulers Forum, was a living legend amongst royal fathers as they invoked the blessedness of his longevity during prayers.

As the royal Priest, the Ohworode of Olomu Kingdom didn’t only do away with old and fetish practices in his kingdom, he made Olomu domain the “headquarters of God” as you couldn’t visit his palace without him sharing the gospel of Christ with you or praying for you.

The royal symbols you would see on his throne were bible and hymn.

Some of us had the privilege of being anointed by him.

Ogbon-Ogoni Oghoro the first was enamored with God’s grace in his sojourn on earth as he was the father of the first female ambassador in Nigeria, Princess Elizabeth Ogbon-Day and he was an Officer of the Order of the Niger, OON.

My revered Ohworode and our pride is a legend.

As the royal passage rites begin May 8, 2023, with a crusade, join us to thank God and celebrate a rare blessing.

Ajuwe! Alarigogo!! Ofuverhare!!! Akpo kede fa……

Nelson Miller, JP.

A journalist and proud son of Olomu Kingdom.

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