My 32 years of unblemish public service; a testament of my Character – Onyeme

By: Ugaga Talks

In a media parley with members of Sir Monday Onyeme Media team (SMO MEDIA) during the weekend, the Chairman of Delta state Board of internal revenue and running mate to the Delta state PDP Gubernatorial flag Bearer, Rt Hon Sheriff Francis Oborevwori stated that he joined public service in the year 1990 as a young accountant and have been able to successively rise through different ranks and positions of high responsibilities in the financial accounting sector up to his current role as the Chairman of the state revenue board but have never had a course to be found wanting in conduct and character.

He maintained that all his life, he has been in charge of the management of public funds and finances for both private firms and Government establishments, but have never been associated with any scandal regarding to public finance management, noting that this is due to his personal strong values not to ever take what is not his due.

He further stated that he had never at any point of his life been desperate for anything nor fought for any position but had always put in his best at every point of service that he became the go to person any where he works when the job gets difficult. In his words, his exceptional commitment to service delivery and self development has always been the reason for his smooth rise in the financial management sector.

He also revealed that he was not in a hurry to live big and impress people, that is why he was able to build sustainable financial foundation to escape poverty, noting that he remained in one room self contain apartment for over 8years after he got employment before he moved to a two bedroom flat.

In his words “The first time ever i moved to a two bedroom flat was eight years after my employment and the first car i ever bought was when i was promoted to level fourteen(14). It was an old 505 peogoet car. I build my first three commercial building living in a tenant house and paying rent, i had to build commercial houses that could fetch me alternative income before i built my own private residence. I built this house just in 2004 after so many years in the public service. My records are there, i have never been associated with any form of misconduct on the account that i mismanaged public funds or anything related to that. These are testaments of my character and core values as a public servant.”

He stated that his firm refusal to give public funds to blackmailers is the reason they want to attack his person sometimes, and whenever they write all those lies against him, it naturally fades out like a smoke because there are no truth in them.


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