Monarch To Buhari : Nigerians Are Worried About Wave Of Insecurity

*** Urges President To Double His Efforts And Halt It Now

The Pere of Akugbene Mein Kingdom in Bomadi Local Government Area of Delta State, His Royal Majesty Pere S.P. Luke Kalanama VIII JP,
has decried the level of insecurity in the country and urged President Muhammadu Buhari to double his efforts and halt it now.

The monarch said that the level of insecurity in the country was frightening, saying it has become a major topic in daily newspapers across Nigeria and the globe.

According to the Royal Father who is also the first Vice Chairman of Delta State Council of Traditional Rulers, “First, let me start by saying if not by the mercies of God, by now Nigeria would have become a called bi-word, the level of insecurity in the country is frightening to the extent that it is a major topic in daily newspapers across Nigeria and the globe and there is no responsible Nigerian that is not worried about the rising insecurity situation in the country”.

“We are all disturbed by the wave of banditry, kidnapping, killings and so on and so forth in the nation. And as a Monarch, I am worried because as a custodian of the people and culture even though politicians will have a way of escaping from the country as quickly as possible when there is a major break down of law and order, but as traditional rulers, we are not privileged to go out of the country like that as expected so we are so concerned, particularly I am so concerned”, he added.

He revealed that in the last traditional rulers council meeting in Asaba, monarchs in the State extensively discussed the level of insecurity in the country and also resolved that in their next meeting, the vexed issue would take the front burner, adding that; “And we pray that President Muhammadu Buhari and all the Service Chiefs will live up to their responsibilities”.

“Just three days ago, I had a meeting with my council of chiefs at the palace and we questioned the suitability of the National Security Adviser and Minister of Defense because the office of the National Security Adviser is to collate all necessary information from the various military establishments, from the various security establishments and so if that is being done as expected, then why these frequent attacks, why these consistent killings taking place particularly in the Northern region, Kaduna State, Niger State and Zamfara State. Trying to juxtapose the positions being held by these powerful men in government and of course where the President comes from, you can see the security is very bad in Katsina state and Abuja itself”, the royal father said.

While describing recent attacks in Abuja by terrorists as a national shame, the traditional ruler said that everything possible must be done to tackle the insecurity in the country, noting that; “Abuja is the seat of government and you have lots of military establishments around Abuja and the Brigade of Guards which has the responsibility of protecting Aso Rock has equally come under fire by these non state actors and the bandits are not relenting as a result of the huge amount of money being paid to them as ransom and they have even threatened to kidnap the President and his spokespersons are trying to wave it away. We are in a very bad situation at the moment in the country as far as insecurity is concerned”.

He said; “If they have the audacity to attack the convoy of the President even if he was not inside the convoy and knowing fully well that is the convoy of the President and they can attack the convoy with audacity and coming out to also attack military formations, coming to Kuje Prison to free their members and the government cannot free our citizens from kidnappers, but the bandits can come to the government establishment and free their members, it is a shame and so it calls for worries and we do hope and pray that our President will redouble his efforts aimed at nipping the ugly scenario in the bud so that Nigerians can sleep with their two eyes closed”.

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