International Youth Day: Celebrating our emerging leaders

This year’s International Youth Day celebration is a remarkable one for the youths of Nigeria, especially the youths of Isoko because of its unique theme “INTERGENERATIONAL SOLIDARITY: Creating a World For All Ages”

Over the years, the society we found ourselves in has changed drastically, and there has been a great disconnect between the youths and people of different generations. The theme will allow the youths the opportunity to reflect on the need for them to embrace the Intergenerational solidarity model for better cohesion, to enable them to harness their potential and be more productive in their careers and society.

As we celebrate this year’s International Youth Day, it is important for world leaders, political leaders, and captains of industries, to leverage on the full potential of our teeming youths from all generations to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as solidarity across generations is a strategic tool for sustainable development in our society.

The theme of this year’s celebration is a bold call on us; as it promotes closeness, strength, and support for youths and people of different generations, through the incorporation of the Intergenerational Solidarity model, which allows us to create a world for all ages without leaving anyone behind.

The youths form the workforce of every nation and they are also the symbol of their strength, as we celebrate this year’s International youth day, we need to embed in our psyche; that the youths are not just leaders of tomorrow as earlier propounded but emerging leaders of today whose abilities needs to be harnessed for effective take-off.

As we mark this year’s International Youth Day, I also want to call on our youths to seize the opportunity of this year’s celebration to get themselves involve and actively participate in grassroots politics.

On behalf of myself, family, and political associates, I wish all our youths, a happy International Youth Day celebration.

~Pst. Engr. Ukodhiko Jonathan Ajirioghene,
PDP HOR Candidate, Isoko Federal

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