Fejiro Oliver, Prince Kpokpogri – Ranting Of Scoundrels

It is unfortunate that we live in a society where criminals now cloak and canonise themselves as saints just because people don’t ask the right questions.

Ordinarily, I would not waste my time talking about Fejiro Oliver and his master, Prince Kpokpogri whose only job is economic and criminal blackmail, which they ply in serial notoriety.

The society should ask both men who have constantly blackmailed Gôvernor Ifeanyi Okowa and his administration because they believe that they ought to be given their share of the purse for offering no service to Delta State. But, if Fejiro Oliver and his master believe that they are genuine advocate of the people who have defined and verifiable means of income and investment, I challenge them to make their source of livelihood public so that the public will juxtapose their income with the wealth they deviously flaunt on social media.

Fejiro Oliver who claims to be a journalist was disgraced out of NTA because of his questionable character and conduct, and subsequently got into prison when he attempted to blackmail Babangida Aliu while he was Governor of Niger State.

It is an open secret that the same persons Fejiro insult daily were misled to believing that he was an activist who was arrested for fighting for the people, not knowing that he attempted to swindle Babangida Aliu.

For the fact that Fejiro and his master have been living on criminal blackmail, they cannot stand the fact that Okowa’s administration will not give in to their criminal stunts and give them money for doing nothing. This is the reason for their erratic, insipid and mindless behaviour and have been seen as willing tools in the hands of the opposition in Delta.

I also challenge Fejiro Oliver to publish his accounts and jobs he has done through his Secret Reporter platform as a media influencer or brand manager that he brags about daily. As a crusader, who wishes to be a model and be followed, he should place in the public domain his employment or venture that gives him the resources he claims to have, and from which he built the house in Asaba that he demeaningly displays. I really pity those who believe this serial and notorious blackmailer, jailbird and crook.

Anslem Etolor is asking these fundamental questions

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