Truly, a man lives consciously or unconsciously in the hope of becoming a memory.

Chief Godspower Omafuvwe Asiuwhu JP is the current Honourable Commissioner for Environment, and has been the Chairman of PDP Patani LGA chapter running second term before his elevation to the exalted position as a commissioner.

To make a mark in life, it will depend on one’s courage, strength, faith, wisdom & vision to confront & overcome the ills existing in and around your immediate world. And this will attract praise and hatred in whichever way, who is affected positively or negatively.

Today, history will bear us witness that since the coming of democracy, our great Party PDP, had had so many party Chairman, and yours is exceptional in so many diverse ways.

You came at a time when you were underrated as someone lacking experience and the political sagacity to lead our great party. But today the story is different.

You become a stumbling block to those who would want you to uphold & protect their self-centered & selfishness as against the goodwill of the party, thereby making you becoming their enemy & source of attack.

But this is my joy for you , despite the numerous challenges you encountered, you have remained focused in giving your best to the administration of the party, which have brought more live & acceptance of the party in the LGA as can be reflected in the victories & 100% in overall results recorded during past elections under your watch & headship.

Hence, you have won to yourself many medals of achievements and good morals nicknames: Capacity, Time Keeper, generous master, goal getter, a developer, workaholic, truce breaker and list endless.

Due your rising political profile you have become an offense to so many with the heart of jealousy, but they failed to know it is by the spirit and grace, and not by strength. But don’t mind.

In all this, God who sees & weigh our deeds has rewarded you with higher position benefits against all odds .

Besides, in your usual way of doing the right thing, to relinquished the Chairmanship position in order to concentrate on your higher assessment.

Finally, I want value will keep appreciating on daily bases through your achievements as history will be bring into memory.


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