You Cannot Foist Stephen Akemu As EDC Chairman On Us, Emewakeme Tells Former Commissioner For Justice, Otomewo

*** Says There Is No Stephen Akemu Led Faction Of EDC

A former Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice in Delta State Chief Victor Otomewo has been told loud and clear that he cannot foist Mr Stephen Akemu as the Chairman of Ekpan Development Committee (EDC) on the people of Ekpan in Uvwie Local Government Area of the State.

The Secretary of the EDC, Deacon Matthew A. Emewakeme in a statement on behalf of the EDC warned against break down of law and order in Ekpan community, Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta State, saying that the former Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Chief Victor Otomewo should not mislead the people.

He wrote that; “It has come to our attention that Chief V. E. Otomewo and Mr. Stephen Akemu and their Cohorts have been making publications on the social media platforms and even the Delta Broadcasting Station (DBS) since 4th and 5th December 2021 misrepresenting the Interim Order of Court that was delivered by the Honourable High Court of Justice, Ekpan Judicial Division, Ekpan”.

While drawing the attention of the public to the order of the Honourable Court, Emewakeme said that “The Order of the Honourable Court reads ” Owing to the peculiar nature of this case, I hereby Ordered that all parties maintain Status Quo Ante Bullem. Leave is hereby granted to the Claimants to serve. Suit is hereby adjourned to 20th day of January, 2022.”The term status quo ante bellum is a Latin phrase meaning “the situation as it existed before the war”.

He said; “Flowing from the above definition and the Order of Court, the Status Quo Ante Bullem is the state of things before Suit No: HCE/39/2021 was filed, what was the state of things before the institution of the said suit. The state of things is the leadership of Ekpan Development Committee by Mr. Newton Obey Onaedowan be maintained pending the determination of the Motion on Notice for interlocutory Injunction. The Order was not made against the Defendants only but “ALL PARTIES” in the suit”.

According to him; “A careful reading of the Court’s Order will show clearly that the Claimants have not been able to serve the Court processes on all the Defendants and the Honourable Court granted them leave to serve. It is therefore, very shameful and disgraceful that Chief V.E Otomewo can mislead his clients and the general public by mischievously and fraudulently mis interpreting the Simple Order of the Court”.

“Assuming without conceding that the Status quo Ante is meant to be the position of things before the emergence of Mr. Newton Obey Onaedowan led EDC Executive, then the only known recognised leadership of EDC prior to the present interim leadership of Mr. Newton Obey Onaedowan is that of Barrister Innocent Edjenugere Executive which tenure has expired and from which our interim leadership commenced”, he further said.

He also said that; “Considering the age of Chief V.E Otomewo in the BAR and in life, one would expect him to display impeccable and emulative character in his actions, it is indeed dishonourable of Chief V. E. Otomewo to be circulating falsehood as Order of Court. It is unprofessional of him and contemptuous”.

He noted further that upon service of the court processes in the suit on some of them, “We filed a notice of Preliminary Objection questioning the Jurisdiction of the Honourable Court to entertain the suit. This Notice of preliminary objection has not been heard by the Honourable Court. The Honourable Justice P. O. Onajite Kuejubola is a very experienced and erodite Judge who can not be gagged or cajoled to give an Order that would decide the issues in dispute at the interim stage”.

He said that; “Chief V. E. Otomewo can not foist Stephen Akemu to Contest for the position of EDC Chairman on us for his selfish interest. This fabricated falsehood been circulated by Chief V. E. Otomewo and his Cohorts has brought misapprehension and tension to Ekpan Community, we have been calming down the youths and good people of Ekpan not to take to the streets in protest against the misinterpreted Order of Court”.

“By this joinder, we enjoin members of the public to be well guided and disregard in totality the fabricated falsehood being circulated as the meaning of the Order of the Honourable Court. There is no Stephen Akemu led faction of EDC. Stephen Akemu was at no time elected or appointed as EDC Chairman, Chief V. E. Otomewo and Chief Robert Warri Ejifoma cannot impose an ineligible person who is presently facing trial at the Asaba High Court on us as EDC Chairman”.

They therefore, demanded that Chief V. E. Otomewo and his clients withdraw their misleading and mischievous publications from circulation, “otherwise, we will not hesitate to take drastic legal actions against them for deliberately misinterpreting the Court’s Order to mislead members of the public. A stitch in time saves nine”.

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