Who is Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori ? (Episode 2)

By : Ovoke Akpobasa

Love, compassion and service are key qualities that define a humanitarian like chief Sheriff Oborevwori. His service to the people stems from a healthy heart of love and not for ego tripping. For instance, one would imagine the radiation of smiles the chief emplaced on the faces of School children who benefited from the Sheriff Oborevwori foundation’s outreach sometime in May 2021. Among Schools that benefited from this gesture are: Igugudu Primary School, Arhagba Primary School, Okobia Primary School, Okobibi Primary School, Okwejeba Primary School, Aghalokpe Mixed Secondary School, Adeje Secondary School and Oyenke Secondary School.

We could infer hereto that the distributed learning materials must have alleviated the financial burdens which would have been borne by parents of the School children, and this goes to confirm that Chief Sheriff Oborevwori is a true lover of education.

As a lover of education and politics, chief Oborevwori bagged a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the prestigious Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma, in 2011 before progressing to Delta State University, Abraka, to expand knowledge in his field of study and calling(Politics). In 2015, the political maestro was decorated with a master’s degree in Political Science, and to further decorate his beautiful cap🎓, chief S.O stands as an alumnus of the Alliance Manchester Business School of Manchester University and the London School of Economics and Political Science.

The same way science concerns itself with discovery, the humanitarian nature of chief Sheriff Oborevwori as well as his love for education was the push he needed to discover and intervene in the case of Chigozie God’stime whose uncle meted inhuman treatment against. Chigozie was awarded Scholarship to study to university level and till date, the speaker has not failed in delivering his promise obviously because Mr speaker is a “talk and do”.

He’s a man of action and will always back up his words with action. For chief Oborevwori, words spoken should be defended. Promises made MUST be kept. Listen to Foghi Paul ‘s affirmation of the ‘talk and do’ speaker- “I remember when he attended my parish for a function some years ago, while some politicians would donate and forget to pay, he donated and redeemed his pledge, which is to show that he always wants to sustain his dignity anywhere he goes.”

Chief Sheriff Oborevwori is a new man with a new(and better) deal for Deltans and this goes in many quarters without prejudice or controversy.

…to be continued

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