“Urhobo Rare Icon with Unmatched Qualities – Chief Amori in Focus.”

As political parties have concluded their primaries and chosen their preferred nominees to contest elections at multiple levels of government, I envision a situation where most political gurus jostling for the numerous elective offices will face difficulties. They lack the astuteness to provide the perspicacious and streetwise judgement needed to lead the people. Suffice to say that the recent enactment of the electoral laws will succinctly pose challenges to most political nominees. They will be confronted with dilemmas because things have dramatically changed from electoral frauds to authentic elections with little variations. Writing results in the bedroom or dedicated venue is gone; testing of popularity and laudable manifestoes are at the highest level. A deluge of them are planning to buy votes using their cronies and adjutants to manoeuvre elections to the detriment of the masses, whilst other genuine nominees are strategising and refining their manifestoes to empower the people via irresistible political programmes.

Lamentably, Nigeria’s political spectrum continues to nosedive lethargically irrespective of multifarious years of independence. The root cause of this insentient and chaotic situation could be traced to human factors as a consequence of self-aggrandisement, egocentrism and avarice. The Nigerian mentality of acquisition of wealth vis-a-vis government patronage or political position is at variance with western philosophical perspectives of human capital development. Unfortunately, we have intentionally and unintentionally traversed into this appalling and hideous situation which has doubtlessly culminated in incessant killings, kidnappings, arm robberies, thuggeries, cultism, youths’ restiveness and all forms of social vices. The downsides and synopsis of all the human negligence; everyone is currently being affected in some way.

So, what next? “We exigently and zealously need a new orientation to change the narratives.” The incoming general elections give us another significant opportunity to reinvent the wheel, diverting from the topsy-turvy circumstances to more affordable conditions framed around our inalienable rights entrenched in Chapter IV of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. These fundamental rights are classified as natural rights that dovetailed with good laws – because such rights are essential to the dignity and capacity for freedom that are woven into human nature. Nigerians are not greedy: they need necessities and basic amenities such as good education, good water, good roads, good health care, equal treatment, security, employment opportunities and a welfare system. However, these rudimentary rights of the masses have been compromised and consciously stripped off by a well-organised hegemonic class.

My main focus on this exposition will be on Delta Central Senatorial District:

There is great hope and optimism that an Urhobo irredentist and a strong proponent of the Urhobo cause, a believer of dividends of democracy to the people, Senator Chief Ighoyota Amori JP, the Odidimadi of Africa, has picked up the gauntlet for the 2023 senatorial election. The core purpose of his interest to join the contest, is to rescue the Urhobo nation from skewing towards oblivion and to empower the downtrodden. Suffice to say that there is no gainsaying that the Urhobo nation’s influence as the major ethnic group in Delta State has plummeted for a decade and a half. Firstly. I want to appreciate Chief Amori for the role played through DC-23, a lobby group established under the leadership of Senator Amori to actualise Urhobo Governor in Delta State after sixteen years. He remarkably utilised DC-23 formation as a tool to garner support from the other two senatorial districts in Delta State using his finances and treasured time to travel every nook and cranny to persuade and preach the gospel of unity to see that all the political parties project Urhobo as gubernatorial nominees. His steadfastness and commitment to Urhobo interests snowballed the fruitfulness of Urhobo persons as the sole candidates for the major political parties in Delta State.

A Recap of the Qualities and laudable Track Records of Senator Amori’s Achievements:

Chief Senator Ighoyota Amori JP, the current PDP Deputy National Organising Secretary, was returned unopposed in the last concluded PDP national convention due to his selfless service to the growth of the human race. Similarly, his trustworthiness, intelligence, pragmatism and hard-working attributes earned him the reputable position as political adviser to the former PDP National Chairman, Prince Uche Secondus, including Special Adviser on Reconciliation & Conflict Management to two previous PDP National Chairmen.
Chief Sen. IGHOYOTA AMORI (JP), nicknamed the ODIDIMADI of the Universe, is a PDP stalwart, a political guru, and an astute politician that believes in dividends of democracy to the people. He has been tested on several levels of governance with unmatched accomplishments, which led to massive infrastructural developmental projects in all ramifications in Delta State.

As the Commissioner for Education in Delta State between 1999-2003:

Chief Sen. Amori, as a visionary leader and driven by his penchant for education and economic freedom, established four higher institutions, including Delta State Polytechnic Uzoro (Delta South), Delta State Polytechnic Ogwashi-Uku (Delta North) and Delta State Polytechnic Otefe (Delta Central), and a Delta State College of Physical Education, Mosogar (DESCOPEM) now College of Education Mosogar (Delta Central). As someone who detests nepotism with great respect for harmonious relationships with other senatorial districts, these institutions were evenly distributed in Delta State. These unique, exceptional and memorable feats can only be achieved by an icon with a mammoth heart like Sen. Amori. Within this contextual framework, massive renovation and fencing of all primary and secondary schools, robust employment schemes, promotion of thousands of teachers, the establishment of a scholarship board and bursary and impressive oversea scholarships to most Deltans irrespective of political, religious and tribal affiliations as well as the creation of 12 model secondary schools, etc.

As the Commissioner for Water Resources & Political Adviser:

Faced with enormous challenges in securing quality water for the people of Delta State, Sen. Amori was appointed to re-engineer the poor water resource system as a matter of urgency. He worked assiduously to address the challenges that confronted the water resources department for years. Chief Amori constructed several water systems in the rural and urban towns and villages throughout Delta State between 2005-2007. As a Political Adviser to the Governor and Government of Delta State in 2006, Chief Amori’s office was a hub and springboard for socio-political blessings and patronage from the government. The creation of DESIEC wards and numerous empowerment and employment are just too many to mention. Due to his political sagacity and discernible leadership traits, he has continually influenced political appointees and assisted in electing representatives of the people such as Deputy Governors, Commissioners, Federal and State legislators, Local Government Chairmen, Councillors and Delegates, among others and raised people from nothing to more prestigious status.

As a Senator within 7 Months:

Permit to mention a few; Senator Amori sponsored a bill for an Act to Establish the Federal University of Petroleum Resources Effurun (FUPRE). Chief Amori co-sponsored numerous motions in the Senate during his short term in the Upper Chamber. He empowered more than 120 people in his constituency through recommendation letters to various institutions in Delta State and all over the Federation, including job placements, internships and school admissions. Similarly, Chief Ighoyota Amori executed countless constituency projects in the Delta Central Senatorial District. He was a Senate Ad-hoc committee member on Power, Steel Development and Metallurgy to probe the Power Sector From 1999-2015. He intended to revitalise and strengthen the dwindling Delta Steel Company, Aladja in Udu Local Government – an opportunity missed by the good people of Udu.

The Urhobo nation has suffered politically for years now. Therefore, we need a patriotic, impeccable, and committed URHOBO man with robust policies that will remain the anchor of strong alliances in every corner of Delta State that will usher in new hope of optimism for all URHOBO people. You and I, as URHOBO indigenes, have the power to set the URHOBO nation’s direction. We must address the fusses and whines of our time – not only with the votes we cast but with the voices we raise in defence of our URHOBO socio-cultural values and enduring ideals. It is a clarion call for Urhobo people to chew antagonism, embrace peace and unity and carry into a sceptical future that precious light of freedom by electing CHIEF AMORI in 2023 to represent the URHOBO nation at the Upper Chamber. Both past and present generations of URHOBO have been tested with internal wrangling that steeled our resolved and proved our resilience. URHOBO possibilities are limitless. We need someone with the right attitude and mindset with benevolent attributes to move URHOBO forward from the present low state to a higher cliff: jobs creation for the teeming youths, economic infrastructure in URHOBO land, scholarships and so forth. We understand that outworn programmes are inadequate to the needs of our time. So we must harness new ideals technology to remake URHOBO Nation, revamp its industries and agriculture, reform our schools, and empower URHOBO Citizens with skills they need to be more productive. With CHIEF AMORI in the senate, these inalienable rights and privileges of the URHOBO people will be achieved, reenergise the youths, the flagging economic and decaying infrastructure in Urhobo land.

In conclusion, Chief Sen. Ighoyota Amori’s re-election to the senate is sacrosanct to Urhobo advancement. Delta Central Senatorial District will benefit monumentally from his wealth of experience and irrefutable influence. Being a former Senator, he is privy to the innermost schemes of the National Assembly. Over the years, he has made excellent friends in the corridors of power and indisputably will use such influences to inveigle good projects to his constituency.“ A man once described by Governor Okowa as a political juggernaut.” It is certainly a window of opportunity to have such a wonderful personality with considerable unparalleled aura and disposition, a man of calibre with noticeable acuity who can change things around for something attractive for his people. He is cultured, prudent, quick-witted, courteous and has feelings for his people. His re-election will build on the existing infrastructures provided by Deputy Senate President, the Oharisi of Urhoboland, Ovie Omo-Agege. Also, his tenacity and propensity for change when elected will rejuvenate the low spirit of patriotism that presently confronts the Urhobo nation.

So, “A vote for Chief Sen. Ighoyota Amori JP, the Odidimadi of Africa to represent Urhobo people in the Nigerian senate in 2023; is a vote for freedom for Urhobo people and the emancipation of the Urhobo people from the shackles of poverty, insecurity, oppression, underdevelopment in Urhobo land.”

Chief (Dr.) Richard Tiki Iyede

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