By Assin Godstime
Publisher of Urhobo Current Affairs.
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The uneccessary imposition of head taxation on women in 1927 could not stand due to the unity, togetherness and oneness of the Urhobos of yesterday. Oshue of Orhuwhorun led hundreds of women to revolt, challenge and deny the standing of the British order. Unjustly, illegally and unconstitutionally, Oshue and few others were arrested, charged and eventually sentenced to death by hanging. For the sake of Urhobo, Oshue died and I am sure he is now with the Maker.

In all ramifications, the Urhobos of yesterday were far united. Collectively, the Urhobos of yesterday sponsored McNeil Gabriel Ejaife and Ezekiel Norucho Igho who became Urhobo first and second graduates respectively.

The same togetherness brought about Urhobo College in Effurun which was collectively built. There is also Urhobo house in Okere near Warri that was collectively built by Urhobos.

The unity and the togetherness of Urhobos of yesterday also moved Joseph Akpolo Ikutegbe to singlehandedly sponsor an Urhobo son oversea to study law even though the beneficiary didn’t graduate in the long run owing to health issues. The generosity of Ikutegbe at the time places him the first Urhobo with such act of kindness.

What has now changed the togetherness of Urhobos of yesterday? Today, the UPU has two factions. Greed and pocket had long swallowed our conscience. We no longer care about Urhobo. What we now care about is bring the money and let’s share it. Politicians now hold leadership positions in the UPU as contrary to its constitution. Things have now completely changed and are almost falling apart. By all standard, the Urhobos of today cannot be compared to Urhobos of yesterday.

Ovedje Osadjere, Mukoro Mowoe, Thompson Salubi, Governor Uloho, Michael Ibru, Joan Ibuje and others too numerous to mention would have been crying profusely in their graves with the recent happenings in Urhoboland, especially the Urhobo Progress Union which ought to unite us.

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