Ukodhiko Will Reassert Isoko Into National Consciousness- Odu

By Ajiri-Oghene Oreh

A patriot, Chief Obaro Odu has expressed confidence in the ability of Pastor Jonathan Ukodhiko to use the instrumentality of legislation to promote the collective interests of Isoko Federal Constituency when voted into office in the 2023 general elections.

Chief Odu, the immediate past President-General of the Isoko Association of North American (IANA) stated this on Monday, August 8, 2022.

According to him, “Ukodhiko is a decent and vibrant young man, who is reputable and trustworthy. He has integrity and represents not just the PDP but the yearnings and aspirations of many of our youth population who are asking for a fair opportunity to live the Nigerian dream.

“For us here in the diaspora, we will continue to grow the relationship and virile partnership already established with him for the overall development of our Isoko homeland.

“The humility of the man Ukodhiko is rare to find in politicians of the current dispensation. He is laser-focused on Isoko development”

“We are all too aware that the job of the legislator is herculean, and a good legislator must have the mental toughness and God’s given wisdom to talk the talk and walk the walk.

“And I am confident the PDP flag bearer for the House of Representatives for Isoko Federal Constituency, will be a strong voice for us on the floor of the Green chambers of the National Assembly.

“I am also optimistic, he will use the highly esteemed office in Abuja to attract both economic and infrastructural projects and programs to our Federal Constituency “

“Presently, like other minority ethnic nationalities in Nigeria, Isoko is grossly marginalized. There is no electricity and other infrastructures that are catalysts for economic development”

“As the 2023 general elections draw nigh there is the urgent need for us, critical stakeholders to evolve strategies to mobilize our people and vote for a credible candidate for the Isoko Federal Seat that will ensure we reclaim our rightful place in Nigeria.

“I hold the view that our political future is bright. Let’s not forget we are known for our astuteness, brilliance, vibrancy, resourcefulness, and courage.

“The foregoing Isoko personality, I strongly believe Jonathan Ukodhiko will reassert into our nation’s consciousness as an elected representative and address the multi-faceted challenges facing us as a nation.

“I therefore, urge the good people of Isoko Federal Constituency to close ranks by uniting and supporting the quest of Engr Jonathan Ukodhiko to transform our nation through quality representation and attraction of development projects “, Chief Odu added

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