Ughwujabo, Iyede, Others Elected to Lead UPU Europe Leaders Forum.

By Henry Ubus

In a landmark election held today, the Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) Europe Leaders Forum has successfully elected new officers to steer the affairs of the region. The forum, which brings together leaders from various UPU branches across Europe, saw the election of individuals to key positions aimed at fostering unity and progress within the Urhobo community in Europe.

The newly elected officers are:

  1. Regional President Elect: Chief Ejiro Ughwujabo, President of UPU UK, will lead the forum as the new Regional President. Chief Ughwujabo brings a wealth of experience and a vision for a stronger, more cohesive Urhobo community in Europe.
  2. Regional Vice President: Chief (Dr) Richard Iyede, President of UPU Ireland, has been elected as the Regional Vice President. Dr. Iyede’s leadership in Ireland has been instrumental in promoting Urhobo culture and values.
  3. Regional Secretary: Engineer Efe A. Ugbarugba, President of UPU Turkey, will serve as the Regional Secretary. Engineer Ugbarugba is known for his organizational skills and dedication to community service.
  4. Regional Assistant Secretary: Ms. Anita Onono, Secretary of UPU Cyprus, will take on the role of Regional Assistant Secretary. Ms. Onono has been an active member of the community, working tirelessly to support UPU initiatives.
  5. Regional Treasurer: Chief (Mrs) Onome Efebeh-Oboroh, Vice President of UPU UK, will manage the forum’s finances as the new Regional Treasurer. Her financial acumen and commitment to transparency will be invaluable.
  6. Regional Financial Secretary: Mr. Emmanuel Tebrise, Secretary of UPU Ireland, has been elected as the Regional Financial Secretary. Mr. Tebrise’s meticulous attention to detail will ensure accurate financial records.
  7. Regional P.R.O./Social Media Officer: Prince Noble Otadaferua, Secretary of UPU Netherlands, will handle public relations and social media. Prince Otadaferua’s expertise in communication will enhance the forum’s outreach.
  8. Regional Event/Social Organizing Officer: Ms. Gladys Ogwa, Treasurer of UPU Ireland, will coordinate events and social activities. Ms. Ogwa’s organizational skills will contribute to the success of UPU events.
  9. Regional Legal Officer: Mr. Chris Ubiebi, President of UPU Netherlands, will serve as the Regional Legal Officer. Mr. Ubiebi’s legal expertise will guide the forum in legal matters.
  10. Regional Welfare Officer: Mrs. Rose Akporike, Chairlady of UPU Barcelona, Spain, has been elected as the Regional Welfare Officer. Mrs. Akporike’s dedication to welfare initiatives will ensure support for community members in need.
  11. Regional Provost: Mr. Sunday Avwunudje, President of UPU Barcelona, Spain, will maintain order and discipline as the Regional Provost. Mr. Avwunudje’s leadership will uphold the forum’s standards.

The outgoing Secretary, Mr. Emmanuel Tebrise, signed off on the election results, expressing confidence in the new leadership’s ability to advance the forum’s mission. The newly elected officers are expected to bring fresh energy and innovative ideas to the UPU Europe Leaders Forum, fostering growth and unity among Urhobo people across Europe.

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