Udu PDP Ward 03 Elects Ad Hoc Delegate Members, As Leaders Pass Vote of Confidence on Chief Friday Orugbo,Disassociates Self From a Purported Report of Replacement,SUSPENDS A FORMER COMMISSIONER FOR JUSTICE AND ATTORNEY GENERAL OF DELTA STATE FOR GROSS MISCONDUCT

By Unity Godwin

Ahead of the primary elections of the People’s Democratic Party and in accordance with the timetable of the party’s activities as approved by the National Executive Committee, the Leaders and Members of Udu PDP Ward 03 led by the Chairman, Chief Friday Akpokomuayen Orugbo has held her Ward congress to conduct a free, fair and credible election to fill the position of the Ad Hoc Delegates as embedded in the constitution of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP.

The Congress which was presided over by the Ward Chairman, Chief Friday Akpokomuayen Orugbo had in attendance party leaders across the four communities that makes up the Ward which include the Executive Assistant to the Delta State Governor on Oil and Gas, Past and Present President General of Communities, Past and Present Councilors of the Ward, Members of the Ward Executive Committee, and many others.

The Chairman sincerely thanked party leaders and members for their immense contributions towards the growth and development of the party particularly at the grass root level. He further reminded the house on the agenda of the meeting which was to elect Ad Hoc delegates in line with the party’s timetable and schedule of activities ahead of the Primary elections.

After an elaborate discussion which brought a mutual agreement between all members and leaders present, a free, fair and credible election was conducted to fill in the position of the Ad Hoc Delegates with a simple majority vote that brought the following persons as winners;

  1. Hon. Edwin Notoma (Ukpiovwin Community
  2. Mr. Aphiphen Austin (Ogbe-Udu Community)
  3. Mrs. Blessing Okoro Happy (Okolor Waterside Community).
    Thereafter, the house accepted the result of the elections and admonished the winners to continue their good works in promoting the good name of the party as they have always done.

The Ward Chairman, who again thanked the members and leaders of the Ward for always standing for truth, narrated the ugly incident that happened at the residence of the former Commissioner for Justice and Anthony General of Delta State, Chief Andrew Oghene-Oga Orugbo in Ogbe-Udu community, the initial venue for the meeting which was later changed to the residence of the Ward Chairman where the meeting was held successfully.

In his narration, the Chairman stated that “he is highly disappointed at the display of rascality by the former Anthony General of Delta State, Chief Andrew Orugbo who ordered armed thugs to attack me before the commencement of the meeting at his residence”.

“In accordance to the constitution of my party, PDP in section 14 (4). It is my duty to summon the meeting of the Ward Executive Committee. This I did accordingly and fixed the venue at his residence with the mind of love, not knowing he had sponsor thugs to attack me and some of my executive members”. He added.

In his further narration, the Ward Chairman also said; “The Rancor started when the former Anthony General insisted on presiding over the meeting. This obviously, is not in his jurisdiction to do so. I reminded him of my position as the Ward Chairman and he can not shut me down. It was at this point he ordered that the Gate of his residence be locked to ensure no one goes out of the compound and he sent some armed thugs to attack me and some of my executive members”. “I could hardly rescue my life as none of us ever expected this attack at the meeting. This was the sole reason I had to change the venue of the meeting to my residence as the initial venue was no longer safe for us to hold a meeting. But regardless, I have few evidences as an anonymous was able to get some video clip of the incident”.

One of the victim of the attack, Evang. Samuel Gbalugo who is the immediate past President General of Ogbe-Udu Community and a leader of the party in the Ward, narrated his encounter and condemned the action in its totality.

In his words; “the attack I got today from Chief Andrew Orugbo was a huge embarrassment to my personality. He attacked me personally and hitted me severally to inflict injuries on me. This was strange to us all as we never expected an attack from such a revered personality. But from what happened, it is evident that Chief Andrew Orugbo already sponsored thugs to perpetuate this evil at the meeting. Graciously, for the intervention of the community boys, we were rescued even when the gates of the residence were shut against us”.

Chief Emmanuel Ekiemute Eyakagba JP, the Executive Assistant to the Delta State Governor on Oil and Gas, who spoke on behalf of the leaders at the meeting disassociated from a purported report of a replacement of the Ward Chairman and described any document(s) containing such as null and void. Chief Eyakagba recounted the numerous good deeds of the Ward Chairman which included his constant financial contributions to all Ward and Unit meetings, promoting unity among members, total humility and team work in the discharge of his duties, distribution of notebooks to primary school pupils, and many other good deeds. “These good deeds are first in its kind and have only be done by this present Chairman”. The E.A added.

Therefore, the leaders and members of the party unanimously passed a VOTE OF CONFIDENCE ON CHIEF FRIDAY AKPOKOMUAYEN ORUGBO AS THEIR WARD CHAIRMAN UNTIL 2024 WHEN HIS TENURE WILL ELAPSE. The motion was moved by the Executive Assistant to the Delta State Governor on Oil and Gas, Chief Emmanuel Eyakagba and was seconded by Mr. Julius Okoro.

The Ward Secretary of the party, Mr. Okuku Nyerhovwon who was also a victim of the attack from the sponsored thugs at the meeting and whose signature was forged on the purported report, described the action as a violation of the Party’s constitution, disobedience of the Party’s code of Conduct, and impersonation. “Therefore, the persons behind these actions shall face the consequences of their actions in due time as the law shall surely have its place”. He added.

The Secretary clearly stated that he never signed any document for the replacement of the Ward Chairman and neither did he instruct anybody to do so on his behalf. “Who ever that forged my signature or signed in my name has impersonated my personality and must face the consequences of the law”. He added.

The Councilor representing DSIEC Ward 04, Hon. Joseph Choja who was also present at the meeting, sincerely thanked the Ward Chairman for being a peace loving person and for tolling the path of peace at all times. He also pledged his undoubted support for the growth of the party especially at the Ward level and to see to the success of this administration.

In the above premises and outright violation of Section 10 (1) Paragraph a, f, k respectively, Section 10(2) and (7)of the Peoples Democratic Party Constitution 2017 (as amended), the leaders and members of the party in Ward 03 through a motion moved by Mr. Aphiphen Austin and seconded by Mr. Dugbe Matthew have suspended the person of Chief Andrew Oghene-Oga Orugbo, a former Anthony General and Commissioner for Justice of Delta State from the People’s Democratic Party and all her activities.

The Party therefore urge the general public particularly members of the People’s Democratic Party to cease all transactions with the said Chief in the name of the party as they no longer recognize him as a member of the party.

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