Oyibode’s Leadership Will Ensure Inclusive Governance Says Akpobi

By Henry Ubus

Comrade Elvis Akpobi, the dynamic Founder and Executive Director of the Not Too Young to Lead Initiative, has officially endorsed Olorogun Vincent Ogheneruemu Oyibode for the Udu PDP Chairmanship. Comrade Akpobi, who also serves as the Senior Special Assistant on Youths Mentoring and Development to the Executive Governor of Delta State, emphasized the importance of Oyibode’s candidacy for the future of Udu.

In a recent statement, Comrade Akpobi expressed his confidence in Oyibode’s ability to lead a responsive, accountable, and impactful government. He noted that a vote for Oyibode is a vote for a democratic government that ensures inclusivity and participation from all segments of the community.

“Olorogun Vincent Ogheneruemu Oyibode represents a beacon of hope for Udu Kingdom” Akpobi stated. “His commitment to responsive governance and accountability will pave the way for significant developments in Udu. Under his leadership, we can expect a government that truly listens to and acts on the needs of its people.”

Akpobi highlighted Oyibode’s extensive experience and dedication to public service, which he believes will translate into effective leadership and tangible progress for Udu. He pointed out that Oyibode has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of the challenges facing the community and has proposed practical solutions to address them.

“His vision for Udu is one of inclusivity and shared progress,” Akpobi continued. “He has a clear plan to engage all stakeholders in the governance process, ensuring that every voice is heard and considered. This approach is essential for building a strong and united community.”

The endorsement from Comrade Akpobi, a respected youth leader and advocate, is expected to bolster Oyibode’s campaign. Akpobi’s support underscores the significance of the Not Too Young to Lead Initiative, which aims to empower young leaders and promote democratic participation among the youth.

As the election approaches, Akpobi urges the people of Udu to support Oyibode’s candidacy, emphasizing that his leadership will bring about a new era of prosperity and democratic governance. “A vote for Olorogun Vincent Ogheneruemu Oyibode is a vote for a brighter future for Udu,” Akpobi concluded.

With this endorsement, the momentum behind Oyibode’s campaign continues to grow, reflecting the community’s desire for responsive and accountable leadership.

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