Oyibode, Udu PDP Councilorship Candidates Consult Party Excos

By Oyibode Media

In a pivotal gathering today, June 7, 2024, Olorogun Vincent Ogheneruemu Oyibode, JP FCIA, the PDP Chairmanship Candidate for Udu Local Government Area (LGA), alongside the Udu PDP Councillorship Candidates, engaged in a significant consultation with the Udu PDP Executives. This meeting, presided over by Hon. Evang David Siloko, commenced with a moment of prayer, underscoring the solemnity and importance of the occasion.

Hon. Evang David Siloko, the Udu PDP LGA Chairman, extended a warm reception to Olorogun Oyibode, the party executives, Ward Chairmen, and the Councillorship Candidates. In his address, Siloko congratulated Olorogun Oyibode and the Councillorship Candidates for their victories in the recently concluded Party Primary elections. He emphasized the imperative of unity and concerted efforts as the party prepares for the upcoming General elections, stressing the importance of solidarity among all party members. Siloko’s encouragement resonated with the attendees, his words of unity and determination encapsulated in a collective prayer for victory.

Olorogun Oyibode, addressing the councillorship candidates, celebrated their primary election victories and advised them to represent the party with honor and integrity. He urged them to unite and prepare diligently for the general elections, embodying the party’s ideals and working together to ensure success. His speech was a rallying cry for commitment and hard work, aiming to inspire the candidates to rise to the challenge ahead.

Mrs. Omovie – Oputu Najite Omojevwe, the Vice PDP Chairmanship Candidate for Udu LGA, expressed her sincere thanks to the party’s leadership for her nomination. She highlighted the importance of collaboration and mutual support among the candidates, calling on them to work together to achieve the party’s goals in the upcoming elections.

Hon. Apunu Henry, the Councilorship Candidate for Udu Dsiec Ward 10, Ovwian Community, on behalf of the Councillorship Candidate, conveyed his gratitude to the party leaders and Olorogun Oyibode. He pledged to uphold the party’s esteemed principles and work tirelessly to contribute to the party’s success.

The event was well-attended by party executives, including Hon. Chief Saturday Mofoye (Udu PDP Vice Chairman), Hon. Harrison Veta (Udu PDP Secretary), and Olorogun Robert Balance (Udu PDP Treasurer), among various Ward Chairmen. Their presence underscored the collective commitment of the party leadership to the success of their candidates and the upcoming elections.

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