Oyibode Leads Remarkable Peace Initiative, Fosters Harmony Between Oghior and Ukpiovwin Communities”

The Ofuerhare of Udu kingdom and Honourable Commissioner for Oil and Gas, Delta State, Olorogun Vincent Ogheneruemu Oyibode, has called on Oghior and Ukpiovwin communities to embrace peace as he commence a peace process between both communities over a protracted land dispute.

Oyibode who hail from Oghior community, said enough was enough as the blood shed and tension between the two communities was avoidable.

He stated this when he visited Ukpiovwin and Oghior communities alongside President General of the Union of Udu Communities, Omiragwa Austin
Akpotu Emaduku.

He emphasized the need for both Communities to harness the filial bonds that existed between them so as to look for a common ground Io embrace peace instead of the hostilities and distrust that have characterized relationships lately.

In their response both communities presidents, accepted to tread the path of peace and ensure the land dispute between both them was resolved amicably.

The presidents, Chief Ogbeferere of Ukpiovwin and Joseph Eyovwerhuvwu of Oghior acknowledged the fact that the two neighbors have had mutual relationship over time deepened by marriage amongst their kinsmen which, they said, should be enough reason to halt the feud and hostilities over the land dispute.

They agreed to cooperate with the peace process for an end to the dispute

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