March 26, 2023

By Comr Lucky Futughe – Warri

Warm greetings from the pen of truth and the voice of Delta State youths.
The just concluded elections in the state especially the gubernatorial one was indeed a botched civilian coup due to the high levels of conspiracy geared towards frustrating the efforts of genuine party faithfuls. The depths of planning and execution were from another planet. It could be likened to aliens versus man battle. They were strategic in their onslaughts, unleashing unprecedented barrages of attacks on the party structures across the state. They maintained these callous disposition continuously until the youths of the state intervened to prevent the old brigades from overrunning the party. These interventions were like the angels God sent to salvage the PDP from eminent collapse. The battle was fierce, lives lost but the resistance of the youths were unparallel.

Sir, the untimely sanctions of the G5 governors ca

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