By Norbert Chiazor

Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, Vice Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP,is never enamoured with publicity stunts.

Mild and mellow in comportment, Okowa does not woo media showmanship.But how come a man who never advertises himself like a Peacock before the press captures the most resounding attention? Why is a stickler for guarded reticence the champion of memorable resonance? That is the puzzle of the Okowa persona.

Nothing exemplified this in recent times like the towering standing of Governor Okowa at the Sunday November 7, 2022 Arise TV presidential Town Hall debate.

Natty in a smart suit, he was nimble in motion.

Whether in his assertion of insights and precepts, counter against posers and salvos, the PDP Vice Presidential flag bearer was at his eloquent best. Okowa’s gait on Arise TV elicited awe. His language civil, passionate and elevated. Succinct to the mood of a troubled nation in dire need of survival and succour from a rudderless centre overwhelmed from all fronts.

The media engagement was obviously hosted to interrogate the seriousness of those aspiring to lead Nigeria in 2023,as part of the all-important Agenda setting responsibility of the media.

Okowa had represented the PDP presidential candidate,Atiku Abubakar on the prime -time Television Programme.

Peter Obi of Labour Party, (LP) Rabiu Kwankwaso, New Nigeria People’s party (NNPP) and Kola Abiola,Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) were on the podium anchored live by Dr.Rueben Abati.

Neither the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Ahmed Tinubu nor his running mate ,Kashim Shettima made appearance at the media call. A sad negation of duty when it mattered most.

Facing the nation with dignified calm,Okowa endearingly inspired hope and respite among millions of Nigerians articulating and envisioning realistic roadmaps on the economy, security, power and human capital growth.

While others, continually dwelt on blame games, hasty generalisations and combative prevarications, the PDP Vice Presidential candidate was steady with profuse actualities,explaining aptly and coherently.

His sound bites were unpretentious and poignant:

“ I don’t want to believe that in midst of scarcity and infrastructure deficit, what to do is to continue to save money … when the economy is in shambles, when the money is depreciating by the day. The right path is to ensure that you use the money for development of the people, to create entrepreneurs,to create enabling environment for industries to grow … so we must be cautious, the kind of language we pass out to Nigerians” He said deconstructing illusions of sanctimonious posturing.

Turning to another challenge, Okowa quipped pointedly that a partaker of an alleged “ destruction” cannot exonerate himself from such trumpeted misnomer.

In a multi -party democracy where the struggle for power looms at its fiercest, the declarations may be discomforting, but traducers would no doubt respect his soundness of mind and organized mien.

Among the peers under scrutiny, Okowa’s political experience was spell -binding. He stood matchless in clarity of thought and manifested enlightened vision.

It was a profound illumination, amplifying prospects of revival, cohesion and development towards a better Nigeria,in the face of hydra headed socio- economic quagmire, threatening Africa’s most populous nation.

But here lies the symbolism of Okowa’s sterling outing on Arise TV. His power of conviction towards national reawakening has at once regaled PDP as the only party truly committed to “rescue Nigeria”. His outstanding performance has shown that the PDP possesses the capacity to bring healing and a new lease of life to a very sick nation. Indeed, Okowa brought honour to his party and a great service to his country.

His pedigree prepared him for the task. Good breeding and sound education define Okowa’s trajectory. Atiku must be very proud of his running mate.

There is a sad spirit of heaviness in the hearts of Nigerians with harrowing hunger and hardship across the land. No thanks to inept leadership,tragically overwhelmed. Nigeria had never been this divided, stagnated and subdued in fear and hopelessness.

The Atiku/Okowa Presidency offers elixir of redemption and restoration come 2023.

Okowa: The rave of Arise TV Presidential Debate

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