Okowa administration fair to all – Etolor,Latimore’s apology and glorification of self in the face of overwhelming evidence speaks volumes of his personality.

Media Assistant to the Governor of Delta State, Anslem Etolor has stated that the Okowa led administration has been fair to all Deltans in terms of infrastructure and human capital development. He made this statement against the backdrop of recent uncomplimentary remarks against the Governor by his former Executive Assistant on Communications.

The media assistant who stated that it was sad to read various articles on the media space over a nonexistent ill treatment suffered by the former Executive Assistant ( Communications ) to the Governor of Delta State In a widely published interview and his subsequent apology to the Governor on Sunday 2nd of January, 2022.

It is important to state clearly that Okowa’s Media Executives are thorough breed professionals who have discharged the responsibilities of their offices to the envy of all, therefore, are not interested in pedestrian politics that some persons ordinarily would want them to participate in either for pecuniary gains or whatever reason that suits them.

My major concern in all of these is the deliberate attempt to mislead the public into believing that the former Executive Assistant was treated poorly and this is a reoccurring pattern for those who have followed the activities of Mr Fred Latimore over the last three years.

It is interesting to read Fred Latimore’s apology letter to the Governor of Delta State over his misconduct that led to his sacking as Executive Assistant on Communications to the Governor. Ordinarily, one would have expected a man whose emotional outburst over official communication that he could not manage until things went south to have been more sober rather than blaming an unseen detractor for his woes.

Fred Latimore in his attempt to mislead the public forgot in a hurry his radio interview that was widely published, wherein he made spurious allegations against the Governor and his media handlers which was a calculated attempt to put the governor in bad light.

Before you make conclusions on a non existent enemy, read excerpts of his widely published interview on national radio titled “Okowa Influenced By Tribal Bigots, Schemers To Ignore My Huge Efforts”

The writing pattern shows the direction and objectives he intended to achieve, which is a subtle emotional blackmail that has become a pattern of most politicians.

“He noted that the same envious tribal bigots senior government officials within the system prevented media aides of the governor from attending the State Government sponsored capacity building programme, Delcom 2021 organised by the office of EACGOVDELTA, adding that they refused to slow down in their collective efforts to silence him in Okowa administration”.
This is another big lie from the pit of hell and figment of his imagination and a direct insult on media aides of the Governor.

“As an active Eacgov and senior government official, I have no official car, no Secretary and no media assistants attached to my office, no driver. And no provision in my package to employ personal assistant, and I have to do everything all by myself but my other colleagues enjoys all of these facilities.
This too is another falsehood that can be verified easily.

“I introduced the Delta State Communication Capacity Building Workshop, (Delcom) to further train media appointees of government, media partners in the state, social media influencers and bloggers, and this strategic effort had converted over three hundred persons to support and project government programmes and achievements in the media space and still counting. I had to bring on board some notable media persons from the opposition parties to assist in projecting Okowa administration and the government. Another very dangerous lie is implemented here.

If you have over 300 persons promoting the governor courtesy of Latimore, the media space would have experienced unprecedented traffic. This too can easily be verified through the number of persons that shared publicactions and press releases of the government.

“My boss, His Excellency the governor of Delta State is a good man, but there are some envious and crooked tribal bigots around him, influencing his actions and inactions towards me despite the huge efforts that I have made to safeguard the media space for government and the governor through regular deployment of strategic political communication and information management strategies in the past five years.

This is where the problem lies. How can one man attribute all the success recorded in the media sector to himself because he believed he was the one doing all the job while other media aides are onlookers. I understood the reason for his thinking, a man who does not believe in group ideology and collective responsibility will always place himself above others and dwarf their contribution to the team.

Deltans know the sacrifices each of the media appointees have made in ensuring that the gospel of the Stronger Delta Agenda remains constantly on the front burner in the media space.

All media appointees in this administration have been working under one united family to ensure that the good works of the Smart Governor are well reported.

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