Not Too Young To Lead Initiative Endorses Oyibode For Udu Chairmanship.

By Henry Ubus

In a notable political development, Comrade Elvis Akpobi, the dynamic Founder and Executive Director of the Not Too Young to Lead Initiative, has thrown his support behind Vincent Ogheneruemu Oyibode, the Udu PDP Chairmanship Candidate. Akpobi, who also serves as the Senior Special Assistant on Youths Mentoring and Development to the Executive Governor of Delta State, praised Oyibode’s vision for the youths of Udu.

Comrade Akpobi emphasized that Oyibode’s extensive experience as a former President of the Urhobo Youth Leaders Association positions him uniquely to address the needs and aspirations of Udu’s young population. “Olorogun Oyibode will bring his wealth of experience to bear in empowering Udu youths,” Akpobi said. “His leadership is exactly what our community needs to navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead.”

The endorsement from Akpobi, a prominent advocate for youth leadership and development, comes at a critical juncture as Udu prepares for the chairmanship elections. He expressed confidence that Oyibode’s candidacy represents a significant step forward for the community, particularly for its younger members.

“The Not Too Young to Lead Initiative’s Udu Chapter stands solidly behind Vincent Oyibode’s candidature,” Akpobi declared. “We believe in his vision and his commitment to fostering a brighter future for the youths of Udu.”

Oyibode’s campaign has centered on themes of youth empowerment, community development, and inclusive governance. Drawing on his background with the Urhobo Youth Leaders Association, Oyibode aims to leverage his leadership skills and experience to create meaningful opportunities for young people in Udu. His supporters highlight his track record of advocacy and action, which they believe will translate into effective governance.

Akpobi noted that Oyibode’s plans include improving educational resources, creating job opportunities, and ensuring that young people have a voice in local government. “He understands the challenges we face and has a clear plan to address them,” Akpobi said. “His vision for Udu youths aligns perfectly with our goals at the Not Too Young to Lead Initiative.”

The endorsement is expected to galvanize support for Oyibode’s campaign, especially among the youth, who see in him a leader capable of driving the changes they seek. As the election approaches, Oyibode’s commitment to youth development and community progress remains a cornerstone of his platform.

In a political landscape where the engagement and empowerment of young people are increasingly recognized as vital, Oyibode’s candidacy, supported by influential youth leaders like Comrade Akpobi, signals a promising future for Udu. The collaboration between experienced leaders and vibrant youth advocates underscores a shared commitment to building a more inclusive and prosperous community.

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