NDDC Chairman, Lauretta Onochie Reveals Strategy for Development

By Gabriel Choba

The Chairman nominee of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) Lauretta Onochie while undergoing screening at the National Assembly on December 15th, 2022, revealed that she had contacted other board nominees and held talks with them.

She expressed that the waiting board will act as a team to work out modalities and find out workable solutions to the challenges in the Niger Delta region.

She highlighted that thousand of applications have demanded to be appointed as personal assistance to her office. She instead offer to open up empowerment schemes that will explore the potentials of the regions’ demographic status for sustainable development.

The development trajectory of sustainability is to expand people capability beyond the tenure of an appointive office. Lauretta Onochie seek to deploy a human resource development model for wealth creation as a template for promoting wellbeing, happiness and mattering in the Niger Delta.

The task is to explore the oil resources revenue into a transforming capacity for the region to look beyond oil. There is the need to start exploring passion, talent and skill development in the framing of wealth for our people. We need to use the development of human capability to create sustainable wealth that can outlive oil.

There is the need to diversify our economy into multi sectoral production streams that produce wealth, fight poverty, hunger and crime. Using this template of wealth creation, the Niger Delta people will be trained to take up the challenge of production in areas of needs. Our population is growing and lack capacity to provide for our diverse needs is hurting the region and Nigeria.

It is unsustainable to depend on importation for our needs. The Lauretta Onochie board intend to fill this gap by helping our people to discover their purpose, potential and opportunities.

The NDDC as an interventionist agency will empower the people to get through the process to achieve impressive outcomes that will address the quest for the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

All stakeholders in the regions will be given adequate attention to leverage on inclusiveness of the NDDC as an interventionist agency.

Gabriel Choba, Journalist Writes from Warri, Delta State. (07056711495. chobagabriel@gmail.com)

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