Lauretta Onochie: Queen of Amazon leads NDDC into sustainable development programme.

When the Stars Shine brighter than the sky, the people will see clearly at night.
Trying times rarely last longer than the pursuit of purpose. Lauretta Onochie stood for social and gender justice while proclaiming her vision for the Niger Delta people which is targeted at empowerment and entrepreneurship development.

The paradigm shift is to move from jobs to wealth creation and transiting from fallow to active use of state capacity. The passion of the people in the Nigeria has been driven towards development. The demands have been send us the right person to deliver us from the wilderness experience.

At a time like this when the Senate stood up to the call of patriotism and nation building, the blissful wish of the people of the Niger Delta region has come to manifest the age of pace setting development.

We expect the crown of victory over discounting voice to reposition the Niger Delta region into a developmentalist mandate.

The Onochie’s agenda of empowerment will guide our region’s path towards harnessing state capacity to drive local content, agriculture, economy and security for sustainable development.

The journey to greatness is filled with determination and dedication to duty. Onochie will performance better than previous administration since she has identified the need for inclusiveness and teamwork in fixing the Niger Delta challenges.

We rejoice in the Niger Delta because a new beginning is rolling in for our people to see that truly, sustainable development is about empowering the people. Raising hope and aspiration of the region to redistribute it’s oil wealth to make meaningful impact. This is a genuine path to sustainability, mattering and well-being of the Niger Delta people. Hurry, a New Dawn has emerged as the queen of Amazon takes the lead.

Gabreil Choba, Journalist Writes from Warri, Delta State.

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