John Nani: Bridging the Gap between Old and New

The clamour for political change and power handover in recent times is premised on the observation that same crop of leaders have remained unmoved at the helm of affairs. Just like Lord Acton’s belief that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, so is the case with some notable leaders in the elite political class. Some of these leaders cling to power desperately to the detriment of practical and transitional leadership that the masses desire and most importantly, deserve.
The old in this case refers to the class and crop of leaders who see political power as a birthright while the new represents the younger generation who feel oppressed and denied of their rights to compete favourably for power. The controversies surrounding the thought and action process of letting the old out the door and the new into the bloc becomes rife.

In all these, there are few personalities who sit favourably on either side of the bench when it comes to belonging to the ‘old’ as well as the ‘new’. One such eminent Personality is Hon. Chief (Barr.) John Obukohwo Nani, the Aghwemutuwevwi of Idjerhe Kingdom. The pride of Delta stands comfortably in all regards as a strong representative of the old and the new.
Hon. Chief (Barr.) John Obukohwo Nani bridges the thought and action process between the ‘old’ and ‘new’. Having spent approximately a decade in active political leadership at various capacities, he is not just a ‘newbie’ and also not a ‘grandpa’ viewed as one demonstrating entitlement to power but one with a firm balance between both classes.

As Deltans, refreshing leadership is needed at several levels of government and this is the fresh breath Hon. Chief (Barr.) John Obukohwo Nani brings with him to the people of Delta Central. As much as those clamouring for the ‘new’ are existent, the need for some level of experience cannot be downplayed and this is why the good people of Delta Central in Delta State need a bridge in Hon. Chief (Barr.) John Obukohwo Nani to strike the much needed balance and to satiate the desires of the masses.

Sonia Ohwojero

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