Jite Unveils 5th Edition Of Urhobo Unity Cup.

The Chairman Udu Local Government Council and the People’s Democratic PartyCandidate Delta State House of Assembly Udu Constituency Hon, Chief Jite Brown Yesterday unveiled the 5th Edition of the Urhobo Unity Cup

Hon, Jite while speaking during a meeting with the Organisers of Urhobo Unity Cup, thank Comrade ThankGod Agolokigho and others for hosting this sports competition which is aimed at
developing amazing young talents through football and other sporting activities.

Conrade Agolokigho, in his response thanked the PDP Candidate DTHA Udu Constituency for his support and sponsorship towards the hosting of Urhobo Unity Cup. He also noted that
Football is one of the ways to Develop the youths and discovery of best talents amongst them, which Hon. Jite Brown will do for udu youths.

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