Jite Brown Stands To Win DTHA Udu Constituency Seat If Only You Judge Fairly

My good people of Udu Kingdom/local government area only you look at the credibility of the candidates

Hon. Chief Jite Brown (JP), the Executive of Udu Local Government Council and Delta State House Assembly Candidate Udu Constituency has done his best in terms of peace and security, Health, Education,social contract with the people, infrastructures and human empowerment which are the ingredients of democracy

1 Let start with peace, security of life and property
Number one constitutional provisions of government is peace and security
Some time past cultists activities, rubbery and communal fight was packing people out of Udu today by the grace of God it has been minimize, a thing of the past, may God stop it totally in Jesus Mighty Name Amen.Nobody can take that away from Chief Jite Brown as the chief security of Udu LGC, God used him
The security Chief’s can attest to that,go and verify vehicles for the Area command, Dpo, Vigilantes for effective movements and other instruments of governance put in place.

2.Empowerments of the Udu people and running a successful government
despite the harsh economics effect and long embargo place on civil servants recruitment and employment
a lot of person’s were recommended to the state government for appointments,employed, engaged through vocational training today they are employer of labour
Over 50 revenue Committee’s in place to boost the revenue base and care for their families
Only most of those appiontee ought to be faithful in discharge of their duties over 200 of such person are surviving under that arrangements,
Special Committee’s engaged in special duties under pay roll of the government headed by chief Jite Brown
Before I left as a councillor in 2011
the Udu LGC wages bill is the highest in Delta State over 60 million, the past council Boss before we came foolishly saturated the council with all kinds of persons
I still wonder how the chief manage to pay salaries despite the meagre allocation from from the federation account
Did you know?
The local government system in Nigeria, the local government pay the over blotted primary school teachers salaries, pay the council of chiefs (traditional rulers), care for the local government civil service commission, the health and environmental officer salaries is more than the political class
Couple with the joint account with the State governments making the councils to be appendage to the various State governments
Chief Jite Brown is running all these successfully without the public knowledge

Only you think, money deducted from council’s account in Nigeria local government system only real Chairman can do what chief Jite Brown is doing

3.Health, Environment and administration
Chief Jite Brown has renovated most of the health centers and bought health equipment running into millions of Naira
Go to our health centers and inquire, the Udu health centers under chief Jite Brown perform major functions done in clinics and hospitals
That’s is where most of our women patronize this days
As you can attest to the environment around Udu LGA is better than before, even the traffic system
those appionted to be in charge should do their job Chief Jite Brown cannot be every where at the same time
that’s is why in the presidential system of government is individuals responsibility and delegation of power
It the government engaged you and you fail to deliver you will be held responsible in time by posterity,
there are new administrative block building in the council Secretariat, every conner wearing a new look

5.Education facilities, all the primary schools teachers are well paid include those non teaching staff who are enjoying the system without proper work
Recently for the first time Chief Jite Brown bought motor for The Nigeria Union of Teachers ( NUT) Udu chapter first in history in Nigeria according to the Udu chapter of NUT Chairman who is a brother

6.Keeping of social contract with the Udu people and his political party in terms of accessibility, reconciliation and reconnection with those who lost in political equations, building of Communities relationship, empowerment of opponents for example did you know most? most of the Udu Community head given ambassadors appointments are APC members
That’s is how a good leader keep his contract with the people not only your party, family or relative
The government belongs to the people
Its a social contract not Family business
There are so many issues I wish us to look into why chief Jite Brown should be sent to Asaba were the state budget is pass into law there our money is appropriated through the House of Assembly
A smart guy like Jite who is a successful businessman, two times local government Chairman with charismatic prowess will fixed our dead roads, hospital and many infrastructures in the state budget,we don’t need neophytes, fraudsters and ignorant person who doesn’t belong to the House inner circle to be there

Vote Chief Jite Brown
He will deliver

Evang Hon Lucky Esedafetoma
Former chief whip Udu Legislative Arm

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