Insecurity: Nigeria sliding into anarchy – Udoka

Following the recent happenings in Nigeria regarding insecurity, the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor of Delta on Security Matters, Engr Emmanuel Udoka has said Nigeria is sliding into anarchy, urging intervention to rescue it from the hands of bandits, terrorists and other non state actors.

Udoka, who stated this during an interview with Delta Times, said that Tinubu and the entire APC structure were dwarfed of ideas and all it takes to govern a complex nation like Nigeria.

According to him, Buhari and his APC have taken Nigeria 20 years backward and it will take only an experienced and seasoned administrator like Atiku Abubakar to bring Nigerians out from the clueless government.

He said, “In one night, terrorists attacked the convoy of President Buhari’s advance team in Katsina & the Kuje Prisons, in Kuje Area Council of Abuja.

“The attack on President Buhari’s convoy whether advance or not does not mean much, what truly matters for me is the temerity and the fact that they can dare.

“This is a few days after the attack in Shiroro where several military personnel were killed.

“I won’t be surprised if the terrorists head to Aso Rock presidential villa and demand for the keys.

“We cannot continue like this, we are already seeing political damage control but Nigerians know that such cannot help the fizzling All Progressives Congress,” Udoka stressed.

He said the Federal Government lacked the goodwill to deal decisively with the terrorists across the country.

“What explanation can the APC give Nigerians for failing to decisively tackle terrorists, insurgents and bandits who are daily ravaging our communities, killing and maiming our compatriots in various states across the country, despite the huge resources at their disposal?

“Due to their incompetence and compromises, hundreds of Nigerians, including school children are languishing in kidnappers’ den at the mercies of their assailants and the elements yet they are not perturbed.

“Recently, 11 Nigerians that was kidnapped from Train attack was freed after 3months with their political abductors. What a country!

“I am not seeing any difference between Tinubu and Buhari. In my comparison, i will say that Buhari is even the better Devil compared to the man we all saw shaking like cocoyam leaves while delivering his campaign speech on the day of APC presidential primaries.”

He urged Nigerians to prepare ahead to vote out the APC at all levels as they have proved incapable of managing the nation’s economy.

“A bag of rice that was 9,000 but now sold for 34,000 to 36,000, every commodity in Nigerian markets, now 400% higher than when PDP was in power.

“In legal parlance, APC’s campaign mantra, eradication of corruption and insurgency, and revamping the economy, translated to their undertaking to achieve many of the provisions contained in Chapter II of 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended) (the Constitution), that is, the very essence of governance, the Fundamental Objectives and Directive Principles of State Policy, particularly Section 14(2) (b) thereof, the security and welfare of the people, and in record time too.”

He said several years later, not much can be said to have been achieved in this regard.

“Failure to keep such important promises, has definitely had an adverse effect on the credibility of government. If anything, the situation in the country has deteriorated.

“To make matters worse, all Nigerians have been hearing from the APC, the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, and other Presidential spokespersons, are nothing more than excuses and the blame game – The PDP’s corruption is the cause of all our problems bla bla bla!

“When a person starts to blame everything and everyone else but himself for his failures and inadequacies, never taking responsibility, whatever trust you reposed in such a person dissipates rapidly.

“And, when such a person cannot perform the simplest tasks satisfactorily, then you not only see the person as unreliable, incapable and inept, one starts to question ones own sense of judgement in the first place.

“In military, it is said that it is suicidal to reinforce failure. The 2021 Global Peace Index published by the Institute for Peace and Economics ranked Nigeria at 146 out of 163 countries, only better than countries like Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, and Russia, which are typically known to have been conflict areas for a long time.

“The security challenges are continuing to spiral into general lawlessness and anarchy and we offer our prayers for Nigeria and Nigerians at this trying moment because things are not working in the areas of security and economy.” Udoka stated.

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