Happy Birthday To My Unique Boss Hilary Obi Ibegbulem- Akpobi

By Elvis Akpobi

Every day you grow younger like Peter pan in neverland,
as you sore through the skies ,may every atitude be a tip of the iceberg.

You are a like a reflection of a divine being,
that turns stones to gold,
you gave me life when my heart beat was at its slowest.

You gave dreams to people who had sleepless nights
while having sleepless nights,

thats selfless like a mothers love,
your kindness pour like a water fall,
drowning fears of thunder storms
that floods our heart.

You scorch the dark,
In a time where conflict tries to
tear communities, individuals apart
you glue it back with love
from your heart and mirroring HOPE to the hopeless.

without you I am so empty, your straight face sometimes, an increase in my heart beat .
Your body language i watch more than your verbal words.

how are you not an extra ordinary being ?

when from the dust of a green horn you moulded a seed that germinates from the highs of the slum to the corridor of power.
pardon me if I am being too erratic like a trump speech.

In all honesty you a divine presence, that means you are God’s gift
the world will know your name,
you are a burning flame
that lights up the darkest part of man’s heart.

you hold the fountain of youths
a mountain of truth,
that grew
in the valley of nothing less.
you gave it all till there is nothing left,
I awe in your amazingness,
held my hands when i was shaky like baby steps.

you have been a guarding angel
from these demons lurking in a shadow , standing firm with me during the troubled waters.
you created a part for me to follow,
to avoid these prey of the night
you held my hands as I pray in the night.
They see with you I am making endsmeet,
when they try to make it a means to my end☺.

But our bond is unbreakable like wakanda steel
the type if undiluted love you have for me i wonder still.

you are pure like a baby’s heart
a beautiful light as we sail the dark.

Its gives me so much pleasure celebrating this day with you as a protege.

God’s grace to conquer more teritories


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