For Reputable Representation Of Udu State Constituency, Support and Vote Jite Brown

Reputable representation is signified by an assistance for the masses, passing of bills that will have direct impact on the people, supporting community development and ensuring the amendment of policies in such a way that it will positively touch those represented at any level of government.

With Hon. Jite Brown as the People’s Representative for Udu Delta State House of Assembly come 2023 , the people of Udu Kingdom will witness affection representation and enjoy the dividends of democracy,. He mandate Understands the concerns of the people and his ever ready to implement them.

All these are attainable if the good people of Udu Local Government Area join hands together to Vote for Hon, Chief Jite Brown for DTHA Udu Constituency, an apostle of good governance, youths and women inclusion in government.


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