For now the Original Geography of WADO CITY is limited to the 2 Urhobo Kingdoms of Warri city, namely, the Agbarha KINGDOM and the Okere Urhobo kingdom of the Present Warri city.
Whatever Traditional territory that they control as given to them by the DELTA state Government in line with their Gazetted kingdom of Cap T2 Delta state law 2006, will be the territories that we will advocate to be renamed as WADO CITY.

NOTE:. In this Renaming we are not taking away the Original Name of the Communities. Okere, Igbudu, Edjeba, Okurode Urhobo, will still remain,…We are only replacing the Word Warri with “WADO” in this areas.

   But after this has been accomplished NATURALLY it will flow to the Neighbouring Towns of Effurun, Ekpan, Ugborikoko, Ugbomro, Ebrumede, Otokutu, Orhuwhorun, Ovwian, Aladja, Enerhen, Adeje e.t.c 

As usual these Towns will still maintain, their Parent name, but where the need arise to add Warri for example Ekpan-Warri, it should be Ekpan-Wado.
So if for example you have Peace mass transit Effurun-Warri.
It should be Peace Mass transit Effurun.
But if you must add Warri to it then it should be an Urhobo word Effurun-Wado.

The Choice of the Word WADO.

  It is a Parent Urhobo word that means the same thing in all the more than 15 different Urhobo dialects including the Isoko tribe.

If Wado city extends to Ughelli in 50 years time, then Iyede in Isoko will be part of it. Isokos too will now share that identity with us.
WADO in Urhobo is greeting everybody ..It is a Plural word Greeting everyone and telling you “Welcome”. It is the most commonly used words in all Urhobo Gatherings.


As stated previously, we are only an advocacy group, a Pressure group, whose aim is to convince and influence those who have the Traditional and Political Power to effect the change.

We do not have any Authority to change the name of any Community.
That is left to the members of the Communities themselves , if the Traditional institutions in a Community desires to change their Community, then there is nothing anybody can do about it.
But some areas of such Communities have Government Infrastructure in them those may require legislative approval by the appropriate tier of Government, …as an advocacy group, we can lobby.
But there is kind of change that is within our Power and Completely legitimate and that change is the most potent one
It is that conscious change that before now Changed Warri to “Waffi” in the mouth of the street people.
We are here to make history so today we will print T-shirts, Stickers, Wrist bands with the name WADO CITY.
We will buy radio request messages in radio request programs, and deliberately calling the Radio Presenter that “I am Ejiro calling from Okumagba avenue WADO CITY Delta state”
We will take the Campaign, T- Shirts and Stickers to convince any Keke man, any Okada man, any Igbudu market woman, Effurun market woman e.t.c about the Nobility of our quest.
We will go to Public news media, Channels, AIt, Arise Tv, FM, Naija FM e.t.c
We will go to Churches where Urhobo Pastors and Reverend Fathers are in charge across Urhobo land to convince the Pulpit and the Pew.
We will send delegations to convince the elites, the high , the mighty, the Ivies of Urhobo land and the President Generals of the Communities of the 24 kingdoms.
We will plead, beg and lobby our Political leaders and our elected representatives of the Worthiness of our cause.
We will seek the help and Support of Our sons and daughters Abroad, Particularly in the Europe, Asia , U.S and African countries like Ghana, South Africa e.t.c
Talk to your father, your mother, your brother, sister, nieces, Nephews and Cousins.
It is about our identity.
Make it habit to convince one soul per day about the Worthiness of our Course.


Our Mantra shall be


And the response shall be
Orere R’urhobo.

Then we repeat again

Wado city.
and once again the response is

Orere R’urhobo

Then once more for the 3rd time
Wado city
Response shall be this time around

Omi r’uakpoor.

Fellow brothers and sisters we may not yet Understand the worthiness of our course, but our Children and Grand Children will be proud of us. If our ancestors had taken this path in 1952, then so many of the Warri Crisis would have been averted

We have given ourselves a name that we fully understand
Wado I Know the meaning, do you know the meaning of the Word Warri??
Those who claim to own the name says it is derived from Iwerre. But what is the meaning of the word Iwerre, they themselves do not know.

Expected Obstacles.

We do not expect any obstacle because our methods will be purely non violence and based on intellectual militancy. We will convince with facts, figures, logic, law and Historical reality any one who disagrees with us.

Dont fight, don’t stab, don’t shoot, don’t Curse, don’t blow, over this issue. As you can see our tool of non violence and sound reasoning philosophy on the social media alone has already rattled the World and kept those who oppose us, shocked and surprised. The more they oppose our idea, the more we become popular.

I must confess that this is the 3rd time in my history as a Human being that I am seeing the Urhobo people being united over a common cause.

Finally I thank all of you home and Abroad that have given me the moral, verbal and financial support.

Special thanks goes to my Foundation exco members they are here

Our silent supporters who Support us financially and morally but don’t want to be mentioned in the Public domain. We appreciate you.

I will stop for now but not without sharing with you the Wado city Pledge.

I Pledge to WADO my City
To be faithful loyal and honest


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