DTSG Intensify Efforts On cleanliness: Taskforce Seizes Racks To Combat Unsanitary Market Practices.”

The Delta State Government is intensifying efforts to address unsanitary market practices in Effurun/Sapele Road’s Ovie Place Junction area, targeting barbecue and fish sellers whose activities have raised concerns about environmental pollution. In response to mounting complaints and observations of improper waste disposal, the State Taskforce On Environment has issued a stern warning to these vendors, threatening closure if immediate action is not taken to sanitize their surroundings.

Chief Godspower Omafuvwe Asiuwhu JP, the Taskforce Chairman, stressed the urgency of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in market areas to safeguard public health and ensure the well-being of both vendors and customers. He highlighted the detrimental effects of uncontrolled waste disposal, citing instances where waste from the sellers’ activities ended up blocking drains and canals, posing risks to the community.

In a proactive move to enforce compliance, officials of the State Taskforce undertook a dawn operation, today Tuesday, 23rd of April 2024, seizing all racks belonging to the non-compliant barbecue and fish sellers. The seized items will only be released upon the vendors’ commitment to meet specific sanitation standards and adhere to environmental regulations.

As part of the conditions for resuming business operations, the affected sellers must enter into agreements with the Taskforce, pledging to conduct daily cleaning routine, undertake weekly evacuation of drainage systems and Register with the Private Sector Participants, PSP(waste collectors) This measure aims to prevent further environmental degradation and maintain a hygienic environment conducive to healthy living.

Furthermore, Chief Asiuwhu reiterated the Taskforce’s resolve to closely monitor market activities and swiftly penalize any infractions against environmental laws. He emphasized the need for a cultural shift towards responsible waste management practices, warning that markets found in violation of sanitation standards would face temporary closure until compliance is achieved.

The crackdown on unsanitary market practices underscores the Delta State Government’s commitment to promoting sustainable development and ensuring the well-being of its citizens. By holding vendors accountable for their environmental impact and enforcing strict regulations, authorities aim to create cleaner and healthier communities for all residents.

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