MARCH 12,2023 – WARRI

The return of Nigeria to democracy in 1999 saw the former Governor of Delta State Chief James O. Ibori discovering young talents across the world. Some of these men and women were stocked outside the state and sometimes in far away countries to the point that, some could not pay their return ticket back to Nigeria. As God may have it, they discovered, brought them back to State and given juicy positions that transformed their lives overnight.

These people became politicians overnight and were enjoying all the goods of being a politician. They rose from zero to hero and or grass to grace under the PDP administration. It is no longer news that most of the heavy weights in PDP and other political parties in the State today were all products of people that enjoyed huge backings of the youths in the name of one leader or the other. This has been the trend of things as youths in the State continue to respect leaders from one political dispensation to another while they reinvent the will for their own personal strategic objectives/interests.

These leaders, frequently jump ship at every political season to consistently enslave the youthd and maintain their affluence through free Government resources. Ones they succeeded in using the youths in their respective communities/LGAs to negotiate for juicy portfolios they shut the doors on these same youths who they allow to wail on the street while they enjoy luxury and affluence across the globe. They suffer these youths to the extent that some of them go crazy or frustrated in life. They come, cap in hand begging for opportunities whereas they are the actual political currencies the supposed leaders used to become wealthy.

This sequence of low calorie politicians after enjoying the benefits in Government, jump ship at twilight of any administration to continue to remain in government infinitum by calling the outgoing government one name or the other to justify their exit. As earlier mentioned that, most of the leading politicians in Delta State were all made by the People’s Democratic Party(PDP) irrespective of the political parties they are today, they are old wines in new bottles. Therefore, they are not new to us in the polity.

The idea in 1999 was for these politicians to find an exit strategy to create rooms for other youths to progress in the leadership ladder. However, due to the reinvention of these OLD BRIGADES, they never had the opportunities to grow politically. These stunted growths have affected the mindset of the youths to the extent that they have been reduced to social media aides, thugs, bouncers, emergency activist, security guards, motor park loaders, drivers etc.

The BVAS is the game changer and they have started moving from the ruling PDP Government in Delta State to take strategic position in APC Delta State with view to securing juicy portfolios if the opposition wins. This is where the youths must be wise by ensuring that no single leader use them as a bargaining chip for another four(4) years of slavery. The time of the youths to lead is now. Therefore, they should fill any vacuum created by any of the old brigades that have defected or planning to defect to the APC because Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori has promised to deal directly with the youths of Delta state. In his words ‘ I got your back’ end of quote. In other words, the emancipation from ‘mental slavery’ Late Majek Fasheck sand about has eventually come and this is the time for Delta state youths to grab this unique opportunities. The generals have abandoned their barracks, the youths must take over. It is no longer news that most of these acclaimed leaders cool off in hotels with their side chicks while calling energetic youths at their various polling units to gather results. Hence, the mandate is in the hands of the youths and the window to interact with the Governor of Delta state directly is here.

Dear Delta youths, no amount glits and glamour you see in APC today, those old brigades that have enslaved you in the state, they are the ones who have regrouped to further enslave you. How many youth dare challenge or make contrary views in the current Delta State APC? My question to them, can they not survive outside politics? Why can’t they be responsible and successful business men and women after several decades of free Government monies? The questions are endless because they have failed. Some of them who pilfered from the salaries of their political aides have the guts to call the PDP unprintable names. God of Jacob and Isaac has awakened the spirit of the youths and they are saying NO TO THE OLD BRIGADES.

Finally, as we vote on March 18, 2023, remember that the opportunities to dine and wine on the table, free from crumps, remove every forms of political middle men, interact and or share your views with decision makers are here. They were all young men and women when HE Chief James Ibori recruited them, gave them life and winds to fly but these people removed the feathers of the youths for them to perpetually remain in abject poverty relegated to the dust bin of economic penury.

Consequently, the youths shall be the backbone of the Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori’s administration. Therefore, we must sing this song in the ears of our youths in Delta state, do not allow any leader to further use you as a bargaining tool, their time is up.

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