Delta State Tourism Officials Hold Promising Discussion on Tourism Development

By Henry Ubus

In a significant step towards advancing tourism in Delta State, Madam Gloria Oborevwori, the Senior Special Assistant on Tourism to Delta State Governor and the Executive Assistant on Tourism engaged in a productive meeting earlier today, Monday, May 6th, 2024. The session was marked by enthusiasm and commitment towards fostering the future growth and development of tourism within the state.

The meeting, held at a notable venue in Delta State, brought together key stakeholders and experts in the tourism sector. Madam Gloria Oborevwori, a respected figure in tourism management, expressed her vision for enhancing Delta State’s tourism offerings and leveraging its unique cultural and natural assets to attract more visitors.

During the discussion, various strategies and initiatives were deliberated upon, focusing on areas such as infrastructure enhancement, marketing campaigns, and community engagement. Emphasis was placed on sustainable tourism practices that would benefit local communities while preserving the state’s rich heritage and environment.

Madam Gloria Oborevwori highlighted the importance of collaboration with both public and private sector partners to drive tourism growth effectively. She stressed the need for innovative approaches to attract domestic and international tourists, ultimately boosting economic opportunities and job creation within the state.

The Executive Assistant on Tourism echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing the significance of promoting Delta State’s diverse attractions and facilitating seamless visitor experiences. Strategies to improve tourism-related infrastructure, including accommodation, transportation, and recreational facilities, were discussed to elevate the overall tourism landscape.

The officials also underscored the role of digital technology and online platforms in modernizing tourism promotion and visitor engagement. Leveraging social media and digital marketing strategies emerged as key components of the envisioned tourism development plan.

As the dialogue concluded, Madam Gloria Oborevwori expressed optimism about the future trajectory of Delta State’s tourism sector. She reaffirmed her commitment to working collaboratively towards realizing the state’s tourism potential and positioning Delta State as a premier destination for travelers.

The meeting concluded with a sense of purpose and determination, setting the stage for actionable steps towards revitalizing and expanding Delta State’s tourism industry. Stakeholders and residents alike await further developments with anticipation, looking forward to a vibrant and prosperous future for tourism in Delta State under the leadership of Madam Gloria Oborevwori and her team.

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