Delta 2023: Oborevwori Is The Best Choice For Deltans

By Wilson. O. Junior

The governorship candidate of the People’s Democratic Party PDP in Delta State, Rt Hon (Elder) Sheriff. F.O. Oborevwori is the “most competent” to govern the state among the candidates jostling for the Delta top seat come 2023

Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori has over time displayed unwavering commitment and dedication in the development of the state, hence, will not only consolidates on the achievements of the Okowa’s led administration but will Advance the Infrastructural development and other Sectors in the state that will placed Delta on top amongst many other States in the Country.

As the Speaker, Delta State House of Assembly, Hon Sheriff Oborevwori brought peaceful legislation to the Assembly geared towards harmonious working relationship between the Legislative Arm and the Executive Arm of Government thereby leading to full concentration of Gov Okowa for massive harvest of Projects, Policies and Programmes that has added great values to Deltans.

The M.O.R.E Agenda is to make life richer, better and more fulfilling for Deltans and to keep Delta State ahead in all aspects of Social Economic wellbeing. No doubt, he will run an open, responsive government that will meets the needs and aspirations of Deltans as he promised through Infrastructural development, Human Capital Development and Improved social harmony. This are his vision and mission that will take Delta State to an enviable height.

“As a People we are confident that Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori will not only consolidates on the achievements of the Okowa’s led administration but will also advance the transformation of the state under his watch”

The Meaningful Development enveloped with Infrastructural Development, Economic Development, Environmental Sustainability, Human Capital Development which he has promised will be quickly actualize with the Support of Me and You

The OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL which he has promised where Equity and Fareness resides, that is to say as a detribalize Deltan, he understands the Importance, hence, no group of Persons will be discriminated and there will be even distribution of Projects. There will be equal opportunities for all where merits and excellence will be rewarded. Engagement with Stakeholders and all Inclusiveness Involvement is not left out.

REALISTIC REFORMS enveloped with effective Public Service Delivery, Accelerated Industrialisation and MSMEs, Investors Sector Reform where the will be conducive environment for Investors, he will place emphasis on Gas, creative Industry, ICT and Agriculture Value Chain, Sustainable Agricultural Sector Reform and Financial Reform are not left out.

ENHANCED PEACE AND SECURITY , no doubt Peace and Security is required for the Development of any Nation. Collaboration with Security Agencies to maintain law and order, create platform for cultural exchange in various communities , engagement with critical stakeholders to maintain peace and to resolve conflicts is among the agenda of Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori.

“It’s important for us as a People to standtall behind Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori for Governor of Delta State come 2023, we should distance ourselves from the APC because they have no better plans for the People, the People’s Democratic Party PDP is the only Political Party that is committed in delivering good governance to the People”

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