Delta 2023: Fraudulent Forensic Report To Tarnish Oborevwori’s Reputation In Circulation, Ignore it.

By Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe Esq


The gang of desperate Delta Unity Group and their associates, sponsored by Oligarchs and political contractors are at it again. They are sinking politically and struggling like a wounded Lion. It is written – Darkness will never prevail against Light.

Olorogun David Edevbie and the Gang, has plotted yet another evil against the Lord’s anointed governor of Delta State, come 2023, Rt Hon Oborevwori Sheriff Francis, via a fraudulently procured Forensic Report purported to have been the outcome of Forensic investigation carried out by one relatively unknown Retired Deputy Superintendent of Police, Chief Reginald Udenze.

The said quack and fake Forensic Report was procured after a crucial meeting of the Delta Unity Group”Gang” but unknown to them the evil plot suffered public disgrace as further findings clearly indicated that the quack Forensic Report was allegedly procured by some desperate politicians at a whopping cost of N20 million. This is desperation taken too far, habaaa!

It was further alleged that the quack and fake Forensic Report was criminally meant to counter and rubbish the genuine and thorough police and other security agencies reports stating that Oborevwori Sheriff Francis Orohwedor is well educated, graduated with second Class Upper Division in Political Science from Ambrose Ali University Ekpoma and a Master Degree in Political Science from Delta State University Abraka, respectively.

This kind of comprehensive security agencies investigations and reports ought to be a substantial part of the evidence that would have resolved the matter in favour of Oborevwori at the Federal High Court, but it never happened!

The reports by police authority and others further revealed that Oborevwori’s School Certificate is not only genuine but in custody of the rightful owner, who happens to be the 2023 governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Delta State, and by the grace of God, Delta next governor in-waiting.

The “Gang” was badly injured politically by the landmark reports filed by the police and other security agencies which cleared Oborevwori of any wrong doing, and had to hurriedly procure a fake Forensic Report to water down their shame and foreseeable crash at the Appellate Court. Justice will be served in favour of Oborevwori and PDP, because our Courts are not father Christmas.

Comprehensive investigations carried out by the Police and Security Agencies at all the institutions attended by Oborevwori clearly points to several experts legal opinions rejecting the Federal High Court Judgment by Honourable Justice Taiwo O. Taiwo, on the ground that it was a miscarriage of justice, and for the fact that the ruling was bereft of evidence to nail the Defendant now Appellant.

A statement by Sherified Delta Media Group, said Oborevwori Sheriff Francis Orohwedor, has been vindicated by Police and security agencies reports, declaring his certificates authentic, genuine; not borrowed, not procured and coupled with the testimonies of Oborevwori’s classmates and course mates who spoke on camera and to newsmen wherein they debunked Olorogun David Edevbie’s claim that Oborevwori never went to any school.

Back to the fake Forensic Report, it is laughable to note that the conclusion of the so-called expert that the two pictures analyzed do not belong to the same person, thereby Fraudulently holding that Francis Oborevwori is not the same person as Rt Hon Oborevwori Sheriff Francis Orowhedor. This is absolutely illogical and laughable, a junk report and the figment of the Gang’s imagination.

The question is whether the so-called forensic expert was able to bring out any other identity in the course of his kalokalo investigations apart from that of Rt Hon Oborevwori Sheriff Francis Orowhedor? The answer is NO. Chief Richard Udenze’s investigation is therefore misleading and the general public should ignore the kangaroo forensic report procured by desperate oligarchs and political contractors.

The Supreme Court has correctly found in plethora of authorities that in order to determine the authenticity or genuineness of certificates issued by institutions, the best and conclusive evidence on this point is a confirmation or denial from those institutions.

It follows that in the instant case, all the institutions attended by Oborevwori confirmed that his certificates were issued by them and to him (Oborevwori Sheriff Francis Orowhedor. Nothing more, nothing less.

With the confirmation from the various institutions attended by Oborevwori, as to the genuineness and authenticity of his certificates, we urged the general public to disregard those fake Forensic Reports flying around in the social media, having not emanated from proper institutions and authorities saddled with the official responsibility to deal with such investigations in a matter on Appeal.

The general public, PDP members all over the world and teeming supporters of Oborevwori should ignore, discard and disregard fake documents in circulation on social media, and await the pronouncements of the judiciary which is the final authority on this matter.

It is crystal clear that Olorogun David Edevbie and thee Gang of Oligarchs and political contractors already lost the battle. It is foreseeable. Oborevwori and his teeming supporters must of a necessity get ready for another round of thanksgiving service at Government House Chapel.

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