Crisis Averted: Oyibode Settles Ovworhokpokpo Community Dispute

Udu L.G.A, Delta State – The atmosphere in Ovworhokpokpo communities was filled with relief and rejoicing today as Olorogun Vincent Ogheneruemu Oyibode, the Udu PDP Chairmanship Candidate, successfully mediated and resolved a long-standing rift between two factions within the community.

Ovworhokpokpo had been embroiled in a crisis that led to the detention of some community members while others went into hiding. Demonstrating his commitment to peace and community welfare, Oyibode intervened by approaching the state police command to withdraw the matter from police investigation, facilitating an amicable settlement.

During a crucial meeting held at the Otor-Udu headquarters of the Udu Local Government Area, Oyibode brokered a peace agreement where both factions consented to the continuation of the current executive leadership. Furthermore, it was decided that individuals who had gone into hiding could safely return to their homes immediately.

In a gesture of support, Oyibode pledged assistance to community members whose properties were damaged during the conflict, enabling them to carry out emergency repairs and restore normalcy.

Mr. Joseph Emuvoke, President of the Ovworhokpokpo Community, expressed heartfelt gratitude to Oyibode for his prompt and effective intervention. “You have brought joy, peace, and love back to our community. The women, youths, elders, and leaders will be proud to hear this great news. You are indeed God-sent to Udu,” Emuvoke remarked.

Oyibode, in his address to the community stakeholders, urged them to include members of the opposing faction in the executive by allocating two positions to them. He also called on President Emuvoke to extend further assistance to those whose properties were damaged during the turmoil.

The resolution of this conflict marks a significant step towards unity and progress in Ovworhokpokpo, underscoring Oyibode’s dedication to fostering harmony and development in Udu L.G.A.

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